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Magic Folding Cube

Would you like to handicraft your own magic folding cube? Follow these instructions.

Time is a precious resource - of which I definitely have too little. I want to create more, but I rarely get the occasion. There so many unnoteworthy smaller projects that are important, but they don't yield something as publishable. =( I really want to make more resources for people to use.

But yeah, I found out (by simple googling) how to make these and so, finished papercraft examples can be found here.

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I would like a template to give to the printer with photos placed for large productions. Any one know where to find it?


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A template for a folding cube? You might be looking for something like this:

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Nice... but what's the point of using creatoon if you coud WAY more easily create this kinda thing in blender. Regardles, it's still a solid piece of animation.
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Simply because I cannot more easily create this kinda thing in Blender. My learning curve on Blender has been dreadful so far. =D
But thanks!
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No subject is hard, only the tutorials are confusing.
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Nice animation : D
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Wow, this is nicely animated. Already it has me intrigued with what a magic folding cube is. 
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It's basically a toy that works exactly like the animation. You have a cube with one set of designs on the surface, you fold it open, and fold it into another cube with a new set of pictures. This cube and this cube are the same object, as shown by these intermediary steps.

You can make a cube like that out of paper relatively easily, although it's quite time-intensive: Magic Folding Cube instructions by RetSamys
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I see. Well it seems like fun, I may give it a go. 
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Very impressive. :iconclapplz:
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didn't even know this thing existed tbh
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I think these cubes were available as picture cubes in any gift shop and souvenir shop. At least when I was a kid, which was a while ago. You would have a different photo across four smaller cubes, which means there were 12 pictures in one magic folding cube.
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Huh, okay! And you could fold them about to change the picture? That's pretty cool.
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Yes, basically, you have 6 images on the outside and another set of 6 hidden on the inside. You can fold it into the inner cube to get the inverse. When it's not a cube but folded open, the designs are a bit scrambled.

It's nice the first three times you get a cube like that, but after a while, I saw them everywhere and I knew not to buy them - even with wooden or plastic cubes, the hinges are the real problem. Those things break apart after a while. There are some techniques to make it more stable, for example, the hinges are part of the outer surface with the photos on, but those usually loosen and with the hinges, the photo layer hangs weirdly from the underlying blocks.

Knowing that I can make those (and I think I made 2 for myself and helped with maybe 7 others) makes me much happier.
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