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Free fantasy font: LSW Drachenklaue

By RetSamys
All right! New font. I actually wanted to do something different at first (a true font, you know, one that's usable, with real letters), but that will have to wait because it takes soooooo much time!

This font was made as part of a project with Lese- und Schreibwerkstatt Nalbach. In the last few weeks, we have been covering all kinds of topics related to dragons! In one of those weeks, we made some cryptographic alphabets. Alphabets like dragons would use them. So we thought it would be nice to provide anyone who is interested with a font. Hence the name: Drachenklaue, "dragon's claw" or dragon's writing".

So, here's the concept: Dragons would resort to a natural advantage when it comes to writing, their claws. That means that their alphabet consists of mostly simple lines. Due to their global presence in mythology, their writing system would be inspired by existing ones.
I thought, I'd try to implement a few aspects from other writing systems. The design of the glyphs might remind you of traditional Asian inking, the horizontal lines in the capital letters were an attempt at creating a ligature, like in Arabian, but I used three lines, which makes it look a bit like a musical staff.
At the same time, the horizontal lines were also a nice way for me to make sure I had a baseline of some sorts.

I used a few ideas of another, more complex, fantasy alphabet that I've created a few years ago. I might make it a font some day as well. Unfortunately, the spacing won't make it such a good design as this one.

I realise that, while the design might be interesting, the font is actually not all that legible. Even if I had done some kerning. Oh well...
This is probably the final version of the font. For me, it's purely for entertainment purposes and it looks OK right now.

Parchment texture

You are allowed to:
:iconshareiconplz: Share
:iconremixiconplz: Remix
basically use this work in any way you like (even commercially),
Under the following conditions:
No conditions

It's a free typeface for everybody for everything.

You don't even have to credit me (but it would be nice).
I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby release it into the public domain. This applies worldwide.
If this is not legally possible:
I grant any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.

The downloadable ZIP archive contains the following files:
LICENSE.txt (text about the licensing - short version: it's basically Public Domain!)
LSW-Drachenklaue-Samys-0.1.otf (OpenType installable font file)
LSW-Drachenklaue-Samys-0.1.ttf (TrueType installable font file)
drachenklaue.xcf (original GIMP file - not installable)
drachenklaue.svg (original Inkscape file - not installable)
drachenklaue.sfd (FontForge raw file - not installable)
drachenklaue.png (preview image file)

Don't know how to use ZIP archives? Click here for instructions.
Don't know how to install fonts? Click here for instructions.

This is not what you are looking for? Other dragon fonts can be found here.
© 2015 - 2021 RetSamys
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MaeraFey's avatar
This is perfect for my dragon project! Thank you! You're amazing!
RetSamys's avatar
So glad it is of use!
tsadeviant's avatar
the numbers all seem to be identical.
RetSamys's avatar
Yup, numbers aren't supported and show the .notdef glyph instead.
duckroulette's avatar
This is perfect for what I need. ;v; Thank you for making and sharing this!
RetSamys's avatar
:la: That's great! You're most welcome.
bjeppson's avatar
I'm missing something. I can't find a download link.
RetSamys's avatar
On deviantArt, the download button is under the Favourite button on the top right for the desktop page and in the information section on the mobile page. If you cannot find it or if it is broken, don't worry, I've got you covered:
Do let me know if you're having trouble with any of these!
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Hahaha, wow, that's awesome. I image it'd also make for a great way to write to others in code :lol:
RetSamys's avatar
=) I don't think it's very practical for this kind of thing, with many characters looking too much the same, but it would be cool looking!
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Pfft, maybe not if you spaced them out a bit. One can accuse any language of having characters that look the same.
RetSamys's avatar
Here are a few pairs of very similar glyphs:
u and y (bottom left and bottom right)
g and r (second row, second pair and fourth row, third pair)
l and m and n (especially the lowercase letters ; third row, middle three pairs)
k and x (second row, first pair and fifth row, fourth pair)

Considering that this is supposed to be a handwriting (clawwriting?) of some sort, those wouldn't be distinguishable enough and people using these letters would alter them in a way that makes them more unique.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Ah, yeah, the characters would probably be accentuated more when written, such as digging deeper at the start and trailing off. You could also have 'dialect' writing styles. A great example would be the 1 in English and the 1 in German.
RetSamys's avatar
Hmmm... I don't think I can find anyone. Those who do poetry commissions understandably don't want to do a project that big. So, I'll probably release a very basic English translation so that English speaking Deviants can play it. But if you want to try and translate it, go ahead, I have Core for 4 months, which is until when I will be able to update it. After that, maybe I can update it on a day on which dA gives away free Core for a day (if they still do that for Core).
Or, if you definitely want to, I will not publish it and wait for your translation.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'dialect', but I'll link the German and the English text parts to their counterparts when it's done.
My-Sword-is-Bigger's avatar
Do coded journals actually stay coded without the membership?
When do you plan to publish it? I definitely want to give it a shot, but with me it's always best to have a deadline to make me actually get work done.

Handwriting dialect ~ for example, there are people who write 1 as a line. (Me.)
There are those who write it exactly as 1
And people who write it as 1 but without the line on the bottom.
I've noticed in Germany, a lot of people use the third way. But what I've only ever seen in Germany, and nowhere else, is when people write 1 like an upside-down V. In New Zealand a lot of people just use the first way.
Which is why I call it 'dialect'. This was referring to the dragon handwriting, and how you said the characters would be altered a bit in actual writing.
RetSamys's avatar
They stay coded. As long as you don't update them...

Ah. Yeah, I guess.
Whoops, I mixed up your replies.
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Kickstarter's avatar
This is so fantastic!
RetSamys's avatar
Thank you! Fantastic is what I was going for. =)
Charlene-Art's avatar
I love the amount of thought put into this!
RetSamys's avatar
Thank you! I don't know why, but I really like creating new systems. Even if they wouldn't make much sense practically.
Charlene-Art's avatar
I think that's great :)
Byhuldra's avatar
That's really cool!
RetSamys's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you agree. =D
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