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Daily77 - At the edge of sorrow



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This is actually a WIP. And a vector image. And it's something new, something that I spontaneously decided that I wanted to do a long time ago. Something colour-y. Something palette-y.

So, yeah, this is more or less a metaphor for leaving behind my ugly little problem called sickness. Go back to that darkness from where you came! Vade retro et non revertetur.
This will be an animation once it is finished! You'll see me (well, not me, I like to be overly dramatic sometimes and I chose something in red) let go of that thing, sending it to where it belongs. Since this will be an animation, I was careful not to use any gradients, hence the background.

As for the colours, I already mentioned that I wanted to test out colour palettes. I'm not too good with that kind of thing, this is what came out of it. But the interesting thing for me was the flying island: Once I had the base colour, I could use maths to figure out what the other colours were! If I want to make it darker, I should also colour-shift it towards red and make it more saturated. The brighter I get, the yellower and the less saturated I have to make it.

It was interesting to see that it could be done at all. I had the outlines for the rock, turning them into a vector looks really well. I might have to do it again!
Come back tomorrow to see the animation! The island and the rest of this background won't move. But what's on it will.

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Tell me what you think and what kind of thing you'd like to see in the future.

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