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[D64] The Winds of Tomorrow



I challenge myself to do one pencil sketch every day. Click here to read about it.
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This is quite dreamy and the pastel colours relax the mind and let it drift into the fantasy realm.

The piece is quite good, current style makes it look cartoon-ish and the only thing to work on would the clouds. They are too defined. Keeping them abstract would give a lighter feeling to the image. Additionaly, to show perspective/distance/dimensions, you can have the clouds that are further away to be barely visible, while those closest to the viewer would have more form and shades. In the same way as with landscapes.
Here are some tutorials to help. Another usefull thing is practicing to draw the clouds from a reference image.
A good video about clouds, even if he is using colour pastels, the same idea can be applied to monochromic colorings too…

Challenges are great and help you advance your skills further! Glad you are doing them daily!
Good luck and have fun!