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LKHFF Halloween Wallpaper 2013

My first Halloween pic of the year
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You all look amazing!
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Ah, yes. Halloween, my favorite time of the year. And wow! Johnny's Darkwing! How clever.
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Oh wow, didn't think Rae liked Skyrim THAT much. Shame that gear in-game actually gets weak really early, but dressing up as the poster Dovahkiin DOES make the game a bit more of a challenge.

But I digress. Johnny needs to have a different motto than "The terror that flaps in the night" due to his lack of wings. I propose "I am the terror, that roars in the-- Oh look yarn!"

I jest. Good job!
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You are the nerd that geeks in the night. You are the gamer who spends 5 hours playing Minecraft. You're JERRY LLOYD!!!!!
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I feel like the flow of that one is a little broken by the second part. How about...

I am the nerd that games in the night. I am the geek who rages when he dies. I, am JERRY!
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Nice costumes folks. It's looks awesome
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Nice picture, Benny!
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I am going to be a axel steel from gutar hero

And here's my song…
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I know who Launchpad and Darkwing Duck, but I don't know who's Dragonborn and Willy Fog?
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Great costumes Benny. :) (Smile) 
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Great choice of costumes. Roarin'!:D
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I am going to be a Keeba Tiger Dream Eater from "Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance", but I put the sketch of it into scraps because I thought the details were to hard to draw and it wasn't right.
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Okay, I see the Lauchpad McQuack for Benny, Darkwing Duck for Johnny, and the Skyrim thing for Rae (Skyrim has an awesome theme, by the way)...

But what the name of smelly hairy fleabags is Leo supposed to be?
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Awesome costumes
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Who're you supposed to be??
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I'm Launchpad McQuack.
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Benny's Launchpad. I am the Terror that Flaps in the Night. I am the stain, on the tuxedo of evil. I am DARKWING DUCK!!!
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