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Jareth the Goblin King by Marker-Mistress
A History of Horror by Harnois75
Death Becomes Her by Marker-Mistress
The She-Creature! by RobertHack
Gerry Anderson Series
Old workhorse by Chrisofedf
Treehawk by Chrisofedf
Immediate Launch! by Chrisofedf
Mike Pratt by DukeDexter
Blake's 7
Blake by Cotterill23
Servalan by Cryptkeeper777
Blake's 7 Sketchcards - Part 2 by Marker-Mistress
Blake's 7 Sketchcards - Part 1 by Marker-Mistress
The crypt Keeper by JosefVonDoom
It's Frelling Farscape!! by SB-Artworks
SOTD Hong Kong Phooey 015 Sketch by ADE-doodles
Godzilla The Series - The Seaweed Monster by earthbaragon
Godzilla - Stone Creatures of the Goa'uld Ramal by earthbaragon
Space Ghost by CHCHcartoons
The fluffy Avenger by VictorHugo
Giant Robo - The Eye of Vogler by earthbaragon
Return the Fly by JosefVonDoom
Medusa by JosefVonDoom
Forbidden Planet by Pidimoro
British Horror - The Island of Terror Silicate by earthbaragon
Silent Era
Rodolfo Valentino by Pidimoro
Bride of Nosferatu by AbaKon
Metropolis-Fritz Lang-1927 by 4gottenlore
METROPOLIS by james7371
Comic Books - Graphic Novels
Vampirella #1969 variant cover. by RobertHack
The Hangman #1 Variant Cover by RobertHack
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #2 2nd print cover by RobertHack
Archie VS Sharknado Variant Cover. by RobertHack
Retro Japanese Media
Godzilla - Gathering of Kings by earthbaragon
Ultraman - Zetton Seijin Prepares for the Invasion by earthbaragon
Ultraman 80 - The Baltan DNA Code by earthbaragon
Close-Encounters-of-the-Third-Kind-each-other by NORIMATSUKeiichi
Classic Doctor Who
Cyberman by Inspector97
Patrick Troughton: The Second Doctor by Inspector97
The Master by Inspector97
The Fourth Doctor by Inspector97
Sapphire and Steel
Sapphire and Steel by ONTV
V the Mini Series
Former Underdogs
Star Trek Seekers 4 - formatted by RobCaswell
Crossovers and Alternate Universes
Wrath of the Titans by Az-I-Am





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There's been a HUGE influx of submissions that don't meet the content guidelines and pieces being submitted to the incorrect folders.

I cannot stress this enough, please look before you submit. I will be cracking down on submissions that do not follow the rules because I feel like a broken record having to repeat the same message to violators over and over again.

If your piece gets declined, chances are that a rule was disregarded. I will do my best to leave a message if yours gets declined, but check the guidelines if you have any questions (and leave a note to the group if you have anything additionally you'd like to add, do NOT message me personally please).

Thanks for hearing me out :)

More Journal Entries

Scan Here For Info!

Hello and Welcome to Retrospectacle!

We are a group devoted to all the underdogs in Television and Cinema! If it has a cult following, it should be showcased here!
Our focus is to cover TV shows and films that otherwise have been looked over on Deviantart worthy of it's own fan group. This means movies like Star Wars and TV series like the new incarnation of Doctor Who just won't fit in nicely with our ragtag collection of misfits (unless we count the Dr. Who films of the 60's that aren't as popular as the series itself, we can let that slide as well as the Classic series and alternate Doctors from other media). Just to clarify, anything with wide-scale popularity just won't belong here.

So what are we looking for exactly? Well shows like Blake's 7, V the Mini Series, and Sapphire & Steel and movies like The Evil Dead, Phantom of the Paradise, and The Man Who Fell to Earth would be examples of appropriate subjects. There's a lot of stuff out there that needs attention, this list doesn't even cover a fraction of what could be featured here.

If you have a piece from a show that needs love we'll be more than happy to give it a home. And who knows, you just might find yourself something to get addicted to.

Guidelines and General Info

:bulletred: To join go ahead an click the button on the header, I will let it automatically approve the request for the time being.

:bulletred:You can do this by opening the Gallery folder and clicking the Contribute Work button. Deviations are limited to two per day so that our inboxes aren't cluttered up.

:bulletred:There are multiple folders in which to submit your work.
Select the appropriate folder you think your work belongs to and submit.

:bulletred:If I find that someone has submitted to the wrong folder we will try to let you know as soon as possible, and you can withdraw and resubmit to the correct one. Even if a piece gets declined outright, it will most likely be because it was in the wrong folder or it doesn't fit the criteria of the group.

:bulletred:Group Moderators will vote on each piece that gets submitted, so if it doesn't go in automatically just give the mods time to get to it. We all have lives outside of the internet... And some of us will be spending it in front of the TV possibly watching something featured in this group.

:bulletred:You may also suggest favorites to be contributed to the :+fav: folder, those will be subject to vote. Just keep in mind that while it's nice to suggest a piece, try not to aim solely on one's that just have DD's and a ton of pageviews. The aim here is to let all kinds of people get attention for their work.
:bulletred:Also, do not submit your own work into these folders. If you are a member you may only submit to the actual gallery.

:bulletred:As stated, we're looking for pieces that aren't of the mainstream variety. Anything that doesn't fit with the overall group aim will be declined.

:bulletred:We do wish that when you submit your work that it is finished and ready to be shared with the public. Although we're not strict on quality control, we ask that you take a look at the gallery folders for an idea of what kind of work we accept. All art must be created by the artists themselves and not from bases or from pre existing media.

:bulletred:We also will not accept anything that has been traced, photomanipulations, or any kind of digital paintings that are done over screencaps. This also means no memes, WIP's, sketches, or lineart (unless it's tight and polished).

:bulletred:It might not be a problem but it's worth saying that we will not accept furry art or anything pornographic in nature. I want to keep the subject matter true to the shows and/or movies they are based on as much as possible. However I will suggest that anything being submitted considered "non-canon" or based in an alternate universe (AU) be submitted to the appropriate folder, this case being Crossovers & Alternate Universes

And with that we wish you a hearty welcome! And we hope you enjoy the group!








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