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Turbo Esprit Alternative Loading Screen

By Retronator

Here is my take on what the loading screen for the ZX Spectrum version of Turbo Esprit could have been like (if I was doing the job 28 years ago instead of Dave Cummings I guess).

It's ZX Spectrum mode, which means only 2 colors per 8x8 block and either bright or normal variation.

The original loading screen can be seen here, wheras my version is based on the cassete inlay illustration.

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Amazing, I loved this game. Do you use any plugin or filter to convert graphics to spectrum style or do you make all the tiles by hand?
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It's all by hand. Everyone does it that way since you want your artist control. There's a lot of creative decisions that go into minimizing the effect of the grid. A great gallery to see best works is here:…
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Good job. I loved both the game and the Spectrum, but I am glad that I played this one on Amiga500. The graphics were top!
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Yeah, I would spend many hours reading amiga reviews in magazine and drooling over the screenshots. :P