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Desert, Cube, Ladder, Horse, Flowers, Storm



This is probably the first of my artworks that need an explanation (I haven't done much surreal works before).

To understand it, you need to play a game called The Cube, part of a Japanese psychology series Kokology.

To do so, forget for a while about this painting and see what your imagination comes up with by reading these instructions from Oliver Emberton:…

When I first found Oliver's article I sketched out what I imagined. This is a finished painting of that sketch, done in ArtRage (and Photoshop for some post processing).

If you've played the game and read the results, you now know quite a bit more about me. And if you did play, please write in the comments what your desert looked like.
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Fascinating idea. My desert has nothing in all directions but sand dunes. The sand is a warm gold color and the sky is blue with minimal clouds, save for the line of black clouds far into the horizon.

The cube floats above a large dune, it measures about 1 1/2 feet and is solid black (my mind was going for the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey).

About 10 feet from the cube is a folded ladder standing upright. It's stands about the same height as to the top of the floating cube.

Running in the direction of the cube is a sleek white stallion carrying saddlebags with bouquets of fresh roses.

Haha, I noticed no flowers your's (that I could see), if mine had that, then I'd say this thing is accurate. The rest is pretty auccurate. My mind just kind pulled together random pop culture shit and tries to make a coherent vision.