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SNOWCLAW, Night elf frost death knight. 8D commission for :iconshiroiusagisamurai:. The design is based off his cosplay of his character, but it's swagged out with my design aesthetics and detailing.

9x12, watercolor, ink, salt

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In loooove with the colors you picked!
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got me a print of this at Comic Con :) very nice work
Salt? I don't know why I'm asking for an onslaught of water-color technical jargon, but what do you do with salt?
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whoa sorry about not answering this earlier!

when you sprinkle salt on a wet wash, it absorbs the liquid and holds pigment in place in different concentrations as it dries to create a crystal like texture effect like what's seen in the white as the snowflake texture and as the grainy texture in the background. :3 When you wipe it away, it leaves a unique texture on the area it was applied to
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Hello! You have been featured on my page as part of my daily features project. Have a good day! :huggle:
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wooooow oh my Goddd!!! This is just so mind-blowing!! Wow wow wow! I really love the different colors, the white colors and the textures created in the background <3 This is just amazing, I can't even describe the awesomeness properly with words!
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that's just insane. :+fav:
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Wonderful picture. All the small details and general expression is just breath-taking. I especially love how her hair fades into the background and the detail on the back of the shoes.
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The detail in this is amazing! Well done! :D
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Wow this is GREAT! :)
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Gorgeous! The detail is amazing :D
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Nice to see it all completed! It was interesting to watch the painting process in your tumblr there.

Great work! *eats up all the detail and steals it away for himself* Mine.
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Beautiful use of watercolors. Looks fantastic!
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Wow this is featured in a lot of groups! o_o;
Love it so much!!! <3 <3 <3
I'm going to have to use those 'design aesthetics' when I revamp this cosplay. ^_^
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amped to see you do it! The changes are functional but those shoulders are going to be a pain in the tits to sculpt. Treat them like a hollow mouth, though! You'll get a better silhouette out of them, with the horns coming down into the cavity. :3 But at least the torso part gets you out of a corset. xDD
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I'm actually a bit more comfortable with the shoulders, than the tits. My last pair came out mostly ok, as far as protective armor goes, but they don't look right, as many people note. >.<
The last armor also got me out of the corset because it came down so far it was nearly impossible to see the corset, so I could go without. This, though, would expose much more midriff and maybe make a corset a possibility again.
But I don't have the hips, ass, legs for the way she's drawn; I'll have to continue hiding under a skirt. xD
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Male waist training! Booty tooch butt pads! XD
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I'm actually very comfortable with corsets, up to about 4" off my waist... but I still think it would be a bit too risque for me to try to pass off my ass as a chick's! I seriously like how you've drawn it though.
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What is the salt used for? o_O
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