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May 28, 2010
I dream in retro: Animation by ~DarkTwist
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I dream in retro: Animation



EDIT: looks like this got popular again :) For those of you who are not pleased with the lack of stop/start/volume control on this there is a YouTube version. <[link]>

Thank you all for commenting and everything! I'd love to hit you all back but there are HUNDREDS of awesome comments here and I just wont be able to keep up. Just know I really appreciate all your comments! :D

Note: You will need flash 9 or higher to view this. I also put a video of this on youtube. The quality isn't nearly as good but I figured, why not. [link]

This is my first big flash animation. It's based heavily on a dream I had that was caused by a long day of playing NES, SNES, and Genesis. A lot of the animation is true to the dream with a few changes to keep it interesting.

In the dream I was moving through different levels from many games. In each level the music was wrong and my sprite (while fitting the bit style) didn't quite work with the game. During the dream I was abusing a cheat ability to use different weapons from pretty much any game (of the same bit type) I wanted at any time. The game itself behaved as it should, with my actions being the only aberration.

I wanted it to look as "real" as possible, as if it was actually happening in the games. Everything looks, animates, behaves and moves as close to the real thing as I could manage. Because of this it might not be as exciting and action packed as the flood of DBZ style sprite animations out there.

Big thanks to the guy who made the deviant art preloader. Mine all sucked. Thanks also to my friends and the crew on the ElysianShadows forums for the input.

And HUGE thanks to my girlfriend for putting up with me during the creation of this animation. I love you.

Dedicated to anyone who has ever loved video games.
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