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To: all my retractors and DeviantArt users.
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Galicia (SPAIN), January 31, 2017

My dear portraitists, your friend JC2PR (aka Gali) talks to you. As I promised a while ago, of the newspaper that I made (that for those who have not read it, I leave the link below), here are the logos that will be the substitutes of my artist's signature. As you can see, the two are the same, except for what is in the eyes, in the mouth and in its wing. I will explain them in detail:

1. FOR PUBLIC CONTENT. This logo in specific, will be reserved only for drawings of acceptable content for all the public.

2. FOR ADULT CONTENT. This specific logo will be reserved only for drawings with mature and adult content, including NSFW type drawings. As long as you do not cross the line between fiction and reality, everything else is valid. For this, I am going to publish a drawing made by me, espcificio for this type of drawings, very soon.

Surely they will ask: "And this change?" Well you see, I did this as a tribute, to what I consider, one of the most important cartoonists in the history of the comic, Mr. Winsor McCay. I think all my retractors and users of DeviantArt, veterans in the comic book world, who have read Mr. McCay's comics, such as "Little Nemo in Slumberland", "Little Sammy Sneeze" and "Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend" (the latter , was made but under the signature and pseudonym of Silas, for having a content
 for adults), you know what I mean, but those who do not know who McCay is, I'm going to leave you a Wikipedia link about the American cartoonist, so that, at least, you know a bit of comic book history.…

Wikipedia's Winsor McCay link:…
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And this has been all for today, I hope you liked my drawings, as much as I did. If you like it, give it your favorite. Both positive and negative comments are welcome, except for comments, which are in bad taste. If you want to be part of The Multiversafe, follow me on newgrounds, deviantart and twitter. From Galicia (SPAIN), keep up the great work, guys and CARPE DIEM! (= ^ w ^ =) (= 0 U <=)

Sincerely, your friend
Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (aka Gali)

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All rights reserved.
DO NOT STEAL, CABRÓN !!!!!!!! (50% joke - 50% seriously)
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Wow, Nice Logo!:) (Smile) :D (Big Grin)