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Hello, my retratcher!

For: The people who are subcribe on my DA account
From: RetroGalicia (Gali) 


Hi friends, how are you out there? It's me, your friend Gali, and today I come to bring you another drawing in my DA. This time, this drawing is dedicated only to people who are subscribe on my DA account. In the drawing you see me, talking with the people who are subscribed. I hope you enjoy! ;3


And this has been everything for today. If you like it, give it as your favorite. Both positive and negative comments are welcome, except for those comments, which are tasteless. If you want to be part of The Multiversafe, follow me on deviantart and twitter. From Galicia (SPAIN), to the world, keep it up the great work, guys & CARPE DIEM! <3

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Awesome pic, and you're welcome buddy!:D
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this looks really cool
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characters! great!
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Thanks for that comment! X3
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I meant it. I worked on character creation and modeling in over 50 movies over a 22 year period. There's lots to do in this field and too few doing it well like you! Keep it up!:) (Smile) 
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WOW! 0__0 More than 50 films during those 22 years, that is to have a lot of courage and self-will, when it comes to a person who is very aware of his profession. And when that, that's true, in that field it takes a lot of things to do and I've seen a lot of deviantart artists that I follow, and they have their own original characters, very good, to be honest with you. :)
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the recruiters should be looking here! I'm old; I need to retire - new blood is needed. I'll pass it on!
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Pues si, hay que aprovechar que hay muchas cosas que hacer y poco tiempo para hacerlas, mejor no malgastarlo...tanto :P pero bueno, Saludos desde México!
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En eso tienes toda la razón, Xabring. X3
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