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To: all my retractors and DeviantArt users.
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Galicia (SPAIN), January 31, 2017

Nothing to tell about this, because you already know what this is about. What I am going to say is your translation into English:

Jeffy: A donation is well appreciated and welcome. Do not be shy, if you do not want to do it. Have sweet dreams, and as my father would say, keep it high and clean the great job and CARPE DIEM!

From 0-50 points, you are a friend with a very strong willpower, even if you have problems in your life.
50-100 points, you are a shy friend, but with a good heart and protector.
From 150-200 points, you are a generous, elegant and big friend, like the diamond in the rough.
From 250-300 points, you are a loyal, brave and noble friend, and a little mischievous and competitive.
From 350-400 points, you are an honest and strong friend, full of positivity, and somewhat deceitful.
From 450-500 points, you are a friend of joy and smiles, and a little extroverted and teasing.
Out of more than 550 points, you are a very sociable friend and have always believed in friendship since the beginning of time.

~ Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (aka Gali)

PS: Who doesn't know what this last letter refers to, repeat the last sentence three times, and they will know it.
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And this has been all for today, I hope you liked my drawings, as much as I did. If you like it, give it your favorite. Both positive and negative comments are welcome, except for comments, which are in bad taste. If you want to be part of The Multiversafe, follow me on newgrounds, deviantart and twitter. From Galicia (SPAIN), keep up the great work, guys and CARPE DIEM! ( = ^ w ^ = ) ( = 0 U < = )

Sincerely, your friend
Juan Carlos "JC2PR" (aka Gali)

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DO NOT STEAL, CABRÓN !!!!!!!! (50% joke - 50% seriously)
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