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Iray Studio Light Set FREE DOWNLOAD


I have updated the file slightly as it was pointed out the backdrop didn't have Iray shader applied. This is now fixed.


This FREE download includes the studio light set I have loaded as my default scene in DAZ Studio. This scene will only work properly in Iray renders.

It includes a backdrop
Two self illuminating primitive planes set either side of the character
Two spot light props I created; One to illuminate the back of the character (which helps show off SSS) and another facing the backdrop to give that halo effect.

There is also two cameras, one showing the whole character as shown above and another focused on the face.

Post links in the comments here if you use this scene, I would like to see what you all come up with :D

NOTE: This version is in BETA if you have any issues let me know and I will fix it and upload the new files.
NOTE: In the render above I had the Environment set to "Dome and Scene" and the "Environment Intensity" set to 0.50
NOTE: Although created with Iray in mind, in theory this set up would have some use in Octane or Reality (I haven't tested it though)
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