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By RetroDevil
I created this morph as a commission and have been given the OK to share it with you all. I really like how this turned out as it is very different to what is normally available and it feels real.

Hope you have some use for this morph.


Billy has a custom morph mixed in with some M6 morphs.
This package includes a Character Preset file which will load the character seen in the render. Genesis 2 Male and M6 is required.
The texture used here is Nevio M6 (The default M6 character)

As a FREE product this item has had limited testing. If you find issues loading the file please let me know and I will resolve the issue.
© 2015 - 2021 RetroDevil
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Thanks, I will give him a try.

Hi, Thank you.

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Made an image using your morph. Thanks!

Billy and Bob
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Think that is gonna find it`s use as the oddball kid in some school scene.. THX!
Not exactly a Don Juan but very well done. Thanks so much.
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Thank you for share.
The AXE effect by jacebron
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Wow, this character is awesome, thanks a lot for sharing!
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You're welcome :d
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I love this morph!  Thanks so much for sharing it.
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You're welcome :D
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Very good, it work without M6 morphs?
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Thank you. It will load but will look a little different :D
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Very well, thank you :)
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Thanks for sharing=-)
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Thanks this is great......many thanks to you.
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Thanks a lot for this, I'll be sure to give him a workout :)
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looking forward to seeing what you come up with :D
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Hehe me too!
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this is just a great morph.
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Thank you very much, glad you like him :D
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Please  share your light setting, please.
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Hi, found some free time to upload the scene.…

Let me know what you think.

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