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Welp another year gone, another year incoming and the buffer is rewound.

-Sigh- Didn't get much done in the last year. Mostly due to being busy, but at least I did do more drawings and even got to particpate and complete Inktober. Though compared to many out there celebrating their 10th anniversary milestones, it felt like small potatoes. What's more near the end, lost some family members as well, which dampened the Christmas vibe a bit. But hey baby steps as they say and we plow on. Wasn't all bad though, like I said in the previous journal, the games and movies of last year were awesome and kept me thoroughly entertained. So overall I say '18 was half and half. Not awful to just... meh.

 So what's on the docket this year, well same as last, continue more of my work and try to get some stable finance. Plus eagerly waiting on certain movies and games such as...

Movies: Shazam, Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, X-Men Phoenix, MIB International, Toy Story 4, Dragon Balls Super Broly, Artimis Fowl, Us, and Star Wars Ep 9.

Games: Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, Team Sonic Racing, hopefully Metroid Prime 4 and Last of Us 2

...Among incoming others. So yeah, tis a fresh start once again. If last year wasn't to your taste, then shake it off as were once more at a clean slate. Keep your chin up and work hard so things can get better. Here's to a new year. Stay golden out there folks!

Right then, I think (and hope) that’s enough tragedy for the time being. So let’s move on to more cheerful things such as the holidays. Tis Christmas time once again and the festive mood is in full swing as we (pardon the pun) wrap up the 2018 year. Been fun and quite exciting when it came to the game world, I’m honestly gonna miss seeing news and reactions to Smash Bros. Ultimate (granted there’s DLC but still), but hey the incoming game should be awesome. Also glad about God of War 4, Spider-Man, Mega Man 11, Spyro Re-Ignited Trilogy and Dragon Ball Fighterz likewise making some wonderful waves. Heck we even got the return of Undertale with Deltarune, how awesome is that.

On the movie front, no contest, Avengers Infinity War was the major highlight. Though Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2, The Predator (yeah I actually liked it despite what reviews said), MI Fallout and Solo (likewise) were great popcorn flicks too.

Really the only thing I honestly hated was missing my cons once again, I really do miss them but personal matters just wouldn’t allow me to go to any this year. Hoping to change that next year hopefully. For the time being though I’m just gonna enjoy my holidays and hopefully end the year peacefully and ready to roll into ’19, while also doing some last of the year art including some Total Undead Drama. I hope you all are likewise doing well out there. Stay safe and a Happy Holidays to you all!

... here comes another. Akira Miyazaki has likewise passed on.…

(Rubs temples) 
And yet another one leaves us. As I'm sure you all heard, Stephen Hillenberg, creator of Spongebob and one of the major contributors to Rocko's Modern Life, has died.…

To be honest I was never that major of a fan of Spongebob, I guess cause at the time I didn't really have cable when it premiered, only first catching it at my aunt's house when my cousins were watching it and only coming in when it was four season when we did finally get cable again. But won't deny that the first few seasons of the show were hilarious, the premise was creative and the jokes were completely off the wall. I will always adore the Patchy segments, like a demented kid's show host. It was a good watch and, though later seasons did get a little too mean-spirited for my taste (Turning Patrick and Mr. Krab's bad traits way overboard and making Squidward suffer just cause. Even getting a little too punishment happy with Plankton. When you make me sympathize with your main villain of the show for the wrong reasons, I think your doing something wrong in your writing), there were a few gems here and there as well.

Heck let's give Rocko some prompts too, some of my best childhood memories were watching reruns of the show with some friends at their house after middle school and laughing out loud at some of the jokes. Perfectly balanced the risque jokes with kid humor at a time when the moral guardians detested such things quite heavily. I can only think Stephen helped with that. Alas though, his ALS eventually claimed him but the man soldiered on as much as he could. Even coming back post 2nd Spongebob movie to get the show back on track. From the few I've seen, it's definitely vintage Spongebob. So kudos to him for doing so, shows how committed he was to the series. 

Rest in Peace, good sir. Thank you for your humor and creativity. You will be remembered and missed.
...I knew this day would come. The man was in his 90s and was looking frail every appearance I saw him in, no amount of make up or CGI could mask that. And now that it has, a part of me just feels numb. Sure I didn't know the man, never got to meet him in person and only through the media footage. But he always seems like he was enjoying himself and stuck to his convictions regardless. He loved his work, loved his fans and, while he wasn't perfect like any human, at least show as much human decency with a dash of charm to him. Charm that sadly we'll never get back anymore. I'm honestly in tears writing this, but such is life. He lived his to the fullest and now has a wonderful legacy to him. Like the man notes, 'nuff said.

RIP Mr. Lee. Thank you for your creations, creativity and inspiring countless writers and artists, myself included. We will indeed miss you.

Excelsior. TwT7
And summer's officially over and Fall's here at last. Always liked this season; heat dies down, leaves change color painting a pretty landscape and we get some nice days where it's nothing but cool breezes. Granted yeah, it's an indicator of incoming winter but hey I enjoy it while it lasts. Oh and of course Halloween. Rather I should say the lead up to it, the day of is honestly isn't anything special since, well, too old to trick or treat. But I love the atmosphere leading into it. Horror movies new and old are a go on the tube, candy be plentiful (and cheap after the holiday) and just a nice kick off of the holiday season.

That said I think this year I'll join in on the Inktober challenge. I wanted to do it last year but other matters held me up that the month pretty much ended before I could. This time though I got a nice head start and it'll be fun doing some more adventures with Kin and her adopted daughter, Valenica, this year.  Here's hoping I make it through all 31 days, wish me luck.

EDIT: Oh major forgetfulness on my part (like a month late ^^;) But a major thank you to all that wished me a Happy Birthday passed the 28th of August. Thank you so much, made becoming middle age less painful. LOL. But seriously your all great. (Bows)

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

All done 4 now.

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies: Ready to post, waiting on your half. (Still waiting. Contact me, please.)

:iconlittlemissarizona: Drawing is now complete and got up ready to upload. Just waiting on you.

Welp summer wraps up this month and September will be the eve month of the holiday season and the beginning of the end of 2018. Overall not a bad year this season, was still hot as always but saw a few summer movies (Avengers Infinity War was just great as I hoped and Deadpool 2, awesome) and likewise got to go out of town for a bit and even first time going into a casino. I didn't really win anything it was an interesting experience =P.

August, as some of you who follow me know, is likewise by B-day as well. So looking forward to getting older there. If you wanna do any giftart for me, I wouldn't be opposed ^^;.  Honestly to me it really just another day by this point. I miss the parties but such is getting older, not every year will be a bash. But appreciate surviving another year all the same with the people I love.

Not much to say beyond that, more drawings incoming including TUD and hopefully some Dracula stuff this Halloween. If your still in school, hope you had a good summer and fully refreshed for another round of studies, especially if your in the last lap. If not, then hope your summer was likewise good to you and you got some vacation time during it. And if your not in summer, still hope your doing well all the same. Still well and take care :thumbsup:

Oh yeah and commission are still open.

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

All done 4 now.

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies: Ready to post, waiting on your half. (Still waiting. Contact me, please.)

===Things of Interest Around DA===

:iconramyuun: is doing some free sketches. So if you want to grab some free art, give em a look.
Because I've been gone for so long why not do a couple requests to stir up some activity on my profile lmao


-Make a journal sharing this journal and comment the link!
-Favorite my latest post!

-Link the character(s) you want drawn (you can link a max of 3 OCs)
Please note I will only choose the characters that inspire me!
And so it comes, summer of the year. More heat in my area which I am not looking forward to T_T. But tis what it is.

This year I wanna try to get some comics out. I always present my characters a lot but most of what is known is just through descriptions and what not. I really need to show it first hand then tell it. Won't be too frequent though (commitments and what not) but I'll try where I can.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the request last time and even moreso for your patience for my many, MANY delays. You guys are awesome ^_^.

And...that really it. E3 was interesting, was happy to see Devil May Cry 5, Resident Evil 2 remake, Metal Wolf Chaos FINALLY getting released down here (on multiple platforms even), a Cuphead DLC, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Kingdom Hears 3 (Show of hands, who thought Frozen wouldn't be a playable world? If so, you haven't been paying attention to the Disney canon and merchandise lately have you), Insomnic's Spider-Man and of course Smash Bros Ultimate (with my girl Daisy finally being playable! Woot! Okay she's an "Echo Fighter" but hey I'll take what I can get). Sure not the most mind-blowing of conferences but least most of they showed aren't too far off from being playable so looking forward to em. 

With that hope you all are enjoy your time off from school (or if outside the U.S whatever season your in at the current and hope it's treating you well) and please take care of yourselves =D.

Oh yeah and commission are still open.

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

All done 4 now.

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies: Ready to post, waiting on your half. (No I haven't forgotten dude, this pic is still taking up space in my Stash. Contact me, please.)

=== Interesting things going on around DA ===
:iconiamthebrainwashaaa: is doing free request. You know the drill if you want em ^_^.

I'll do free requests (CLOSED)To apply/participate be a watcher, share this journal and post the link in your comment. Newcomers are welcome as well.
Comment below what/who you want me to draw with any specifications as long as they aren't too complicated, MLP, fetish, NSFW or ships (pls no).
UPDATE: anything that fits in the NSFW stuff from above will be drawn by my bud GutzAcker, so go bother him. 
This is his journal:
Please be aware that I can deny any request. 
Examples of the bs i make (found in my gallery):

Additional sketches from belchinsmhazees (secondary acc):
moar of this scottish-canadian by belchinsmhazeessittin by belchinsmhazees

:iconprilla39420: is gonna do a few request. So check out her journal if you would like one.

<da:thumb id="753820730"/>
This week marks Spring in my neck of the woods and I more then happy to finally get out of the cold (granted that likewise means more rains in my area but still).

UPDATE (4-26-18)
: Sorry for the wait all. Been pretty busy. I assure you I am still working on the request. They've been scanned and traced. Just need to color. So bear with me a little while longer.

 UPDATE (5-10-18): Okay people, some words here. When it comes to commission, art trades or the likes. I assure you I do my best with with you give me and I can understand if you don't like it. Just please be kind and professional enough to tell that rather just not saying it at all when I submit it. Because that is extremely rude and I find that more insulting then anything because that makes me feel like I wasted my time for someone ungrateful.  I had this happen with someone recently who waited an whole year to tell me,  then acted like they were the ones in the right because I "didn't get the composition" and then had the gall to just block me when I offered to re-do it because I was "using tactics to guilt her". If said person is reading this, let me make this perfectly, crystal clear: I don't use tactics or anything of the like, I was just looking to see where I went wrong. I had OFFERED to re-draw the pic for you, a courtesy not a lot of people are willingly to make, and yet you kept making excuses that practically insulted me as an artist and spurred me even more when I'm essentially telling what not to do when going for commissions. Because trust me, there are FAR less lenient artists then I am out there and they won't be afraid to cuss you out if you pull that elitist crap. But if you wish to suffer the consequences for your attitude. Then hey, I wish your luck. You'll clearly need it.

I'm sorry for the rant, that just put me in a foul mood and I have little patience for idiots like that. Let's just get out with our days and I hope you all are doing well. Requests should be coming up soon, again sorry for the wait. Stay tuned. 

1: The cap is ten people, so first come first serve.
2: One drawing per person
3: One character limit
4: No backgrounds.
5: Have a ref at the ready please. 
6: You can ask for a specific pose if you want. 
7: I'll get em done as soon as I can. Still got a few commissions to do as well. But they will be done. Just please don't rush me or pester me. 

Unlike last time, I am willing to color. But it won't be shaded, sorry. You want that gotta commission me or go for an art trade. One of the two.

1) :iconurvy:: Casey Quickster
2) :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:: Ami
3) :iconskyduck:: Rex
4) :iconsharper-the-writer:: Bonnie from Kim Possible in Denim
5) :iconaliana-chan:: Kiara 
6) :iconjoshspeed7::  Rosalina from the Mario series on a bounce ball
7) :icondevon13168: Dyna Twilight


That said, again not much going on. Life goes on usual for me, with just trying to keep busy, con season about to hit into full gear this month and of course the summer season being right around the corner...rather early this year too. Seriously Easter is the first of next month (along with April Fools...hmm) as well as the premiere of Avengers Infinity War. Just...yeesh I really got caught off guard this time. Heh but hey roll with the punches neh?

In any case, hope you all are doing well as the seasons shift around the world. Stay positive and stay golden ^_^.

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

All done 4 now.

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies: Ready to post, waiting on your half. (And yes, it is done contrary to what you said in the note. It's been done for months, if you want poof I can send you some. I likewise understand if your busy with life, but let me know if your still interested. At this rate, the art gonna be taking up space in my lappy.)

:iconjempower: Ready to post, waiting on your half (You have one more month to respond back. If not, the art trade will be forfeit.)

== Things Going on Around DA ==
:iconfrantastique: is hosting a contest and wants about 50 entry. So if, interested, check his journal and have at it.
<da:thumb id="742985518"/>

:iconcleopay: is having a request giveaway on her journal. So check it out for more details.
Free Requests
I enjoy practicing and trying out new things
So if you want, please follow the rules.

Be an active watcher (Some Favs/Comments )
All new people are welcome to!

-Watch me (don't unwatch me after, that would be awkward ;w; ) 
-Make a journal about my requests, i want everyone to know this
-Fave this journal

comment with this form:
- Reference of the character :
- Some Infos about your character:
- Journal :

 I might draw requests only in my free time

  Only my own mood will decide if the Request will be a Sketch/Coloured - Headshots/Chibis or more.
Hey, just writing to stay that if there's any art trades with me. They're still in motion, so don't forget if you still own me one. 

Likewise if you want any commission, I'm still up for it. Just check the details down below =D.

UPDATE: Still here, sorry for the slow responses. Sis moved out of her apartment in Houston last weekend since finishing her studies and I've been recovering from having to help her. Oy, note to self, go to the Gym. =P

But yeah if I own you a commission or art trade. I haven't forgotten ya. Just bear with me. Thanks :thumbsup:.

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

All done 4 now.

Art Trade
:icontyelerkostlan: Sketching
:icongoryzombies: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
:iconjempower: Ready to post, waiting on your half

== Interesting things around DA ==
:iconasukarain: is doing special request to draw couples in honor of Valentine's Day. So if you got any lovebirds you want drawn for you. Check out the journal here.
Couples Request! (Valentine Special Closed!)more people vote to make a Couples Request and i did ;w;
valentine's day is coming and i open Couples Request :3
i already have 3 poses for couples here~

2. for you love~

3. suprisse kiss

this not first came first serve!
i choose some a cute couples i love~
1 person = 1 request!
Sonic CharactersFC or OC (sonic Characters)HumanAthroYaoiYuriCouplesNekomimiTMNT OCGore
Dragons (animals or Athro)Warrior CatsAnimalsReptileRecolorsMature Contents
here's the rules
ignore this i'll hide you comments or give you a warning!
Share This Journal (if your character design is nice but, there's no share journal. sorry i will ignore that)  Favorite This Journalthis supposed to

:iconasukarain: doing some traditional requests, get em while they're hot!

Full Body Traditional Request |Open|since my Graphic Tablet still didn't fix ;w;
i want try Traditional Art and it's Full Body
What I can Do ?
Arrow left Human/Anime
Arrow left Sonic Ocs
Only 1 characters i'll gonna draw and this Full color with Simple Background!
for the pose and expression i'll choose it ;w;

sorry if this still sketch ;w; and a little blur ;w;
Arrow left  Share This Journal!
Arrow left  Fav This Journal!
Arrow left Not First Came First Serve!
Arrow left This supposed to be Watcher only but, New Watcher are Welcome ^^ just please don't unwatch me! is really rude :(
Arrow left Don't Ask "may i hav
Welp another year down, another year ahead of us. 2017 was certainly a quite interesting one I must say. A year of a lot of changes from political to pop culture, very transitional. But I feel that was just the tip of the iceburg and more is to come. Hopefully for the best but least it wasn't too rough like '16 was. On my end, not much has changed, though I feel like I've improved on my art a bit. I really should get back to comics soon, I feel I didn't do enough of them last year and with a lot of webcomics I read celebrating milestones...yeah. Still though, to those that watch me, thanks for all you support.

So what am I looking forward to?

Games: New Spider-Man, New God of War, Shadow of Colossus remake. Blazblue Cross Tag, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Bayonetta 3, Last of Us 2 and any other surprises on the horizon.

Movies: Black Panther, Avengers Infnity War. Ready Player One, Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2, Hotel Transylvania 3, Wreck It Ralph 2, Possibly New Mutants, The upcoming Spider-Man animated flick, oh yeah and the new animated Grinch movie (Sheesh 13 years since the Live action one, feel old yet?).

Anime: One Punch Man S2, My Hero Academia S3, return of FLCL and Fairy Tail Final Season

Comics: New IDW Sonic comics (already a bit weary though since Ian Flynn announced none of the original characters from the Archie series were going to return so...hmmm)

And much, much more. I know it's a worrying time these days but keep a positive attitude and stay good to one another, that the best defense for the incoming craziness. Here's to a New Year and new experiences. Stay golden, folks!

==Interesting Things of Note around DA==

:iconprilla39420: is giving away requests. If interested, click the journal below for details

<da:thumb id="723617152"/>
Woof, forgot about the December journal.

Really not much to report though, my little sis is graduating from Nursing school this month and going on to become a full fledged nurse \^0^/. So congrats to her on getting her Bachelors. Will be out of town on the weekend of 15-17 for her graduation. So I may not respond if you're trying to reach me.

The second part of the Star Wars new trilogy comes out soon, looking forward to that. I really enjoyed Force Awakens, though I do wish people would stop complaining about it being similar to the first Star Wars (or Ep 4 if you wanna get technical). It wasn't a shot for shot one of the movie and I kinda think the similarity was the whole point. You know, history repeating? But we'll see how this new entry does if that warrants the complaints.

Been getting into Archer lately, first five seasons are pretty cool, sixth though, not really doing it for me. I think they went back to basics a little too soon for my taste and the whole working for the CIA plotline just feels meh. The premise works better when the cast are more on their own really (Animation gotten better though). But hey, still got two more to go before I reach where the show is at currently. Maybe it'll get better.

Art-wise, got some Secret Santas to do, as well as some commissions (those are still going on by the way, check the details below if you want one) as well as some end of the year art to do as well.  So least I'm keeping busy for the holidays. Overall, yeah that pretty much my holiday plannings. Hope you're holiday season is going well and yeah a Happy Holidays to wherever you are. Stay gold and stay safe. Santa :la: 

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
:iconjempower:: Ready to post, waiting on your half
So here we are, November, pretty much the halfway point of the holidays and where we celebrate the discovery of America (least on my end, if you're outside the country, this'll probably be just another month to ya). Not really much to say, I might do some requests to keep my drawing skills sharp if things don't get too hectic on my end. So stay tuned for that and of course signing up for Secret Santas.

And..yeah that's about it, just getting through this month and next, of which my little sis will be graduating from Nursing school. So a congrats to her! For everyone else, hope your enjoying the build up to the holidays. If you're in the U.S Winter break will soon be upon us. For everyone else, almost to the end of the year. Either way, hang in there and stay safe till then! ;)

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
:iconjempower:: Ready to post, waiting on your half

==Things of Note around DA==

:icongalaxymelody: is doing requests. But they're going fast so get em while you can =D.
Christmas Request CLOSED!                                                                              
Thank you for requesting me!!! Ill do my best and you will get your drawings on Christmas ^^
When i finish these ill open this again!

Heya! I didn't do requests for a long time so ill open special ones! As the title say, its Christmas requests which means you will get this as Christmas present in that day! ^w^ 
But there are some rules tho. AND PLEASE READ THE RULES OR ELSE I WONT REPLY! I know that sounds maybe harsh, but i dont have energy to write for eac
Woot! October and the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween. Celebration of all things that goes bump in the night and you bet I'm gonna celebrate a bit too with a few scary drawings. Hope everyone likewise has fun with it, though remember not to get too crazy out there, neh?

=== Notable News===
Chris Savino fired from The Loud House…

Oh geez not again >_<.  Granted it's still purely word of mouth but the show was starting to take off before this happened. I doubt Nick will can the show but that makes me worried for the quality of it if they continue without him.

=== Things Going On Around DA ====

:iconsweetiemochi: doing some requests on her page. Get em while they're hot.

requests openWatchers only
Share journal via poll/journalDo not pressure me to finish your piece/draw your oc
No anthros/furries ,, only humanoids/kemonomimi
Do not unwatch if I don't pick your request
Please comment specific OCs ,, do not give me all of them and expect me to pick ;v;

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===

Art Trade
:icongoryzombies:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
:iconmichaeljlarson:: Ready to post, waiting on your half
:iconjempower:: Ready to post, waiting on your half
:iconrosemary1315:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
Welp summer was fun, granted I got stymied in my goal in it (to get some money to fix my car) but it was enjoyable nonetheless, the heat notwithstanding. And thus we head into the final months of the year as the holiday season starts to wind up. Already I'm seeing decorations for Halloween being put up as well as Christmas and the toy commercials are starting to pop up more as well. So yeah, won't be long fore we get our scares and hollys on. Can't wait ^_^.

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Art Trade and Commission Status ===
Sorry for any lateness I do with these, I haven't forgotten ya, just busy and bouncing around on projects. Thank you for your patience. :thumbsup:

:iconfunnytime77: Putting finishing touches on it.
:iconlovely-redroses: Working on it.
:iconk-dog0202: Working on it.

Art Trades
:icongoryzombies:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
:iconmichaeljlarson:: Ready to post, waiting on your half
:iconjempower:: Ready to post, waiting on your half
:iconrosemary1315:: Ready to post, waiting on your half.
Thanks all for the birthday wishes. Birthday wasn't really much of anything but such is getting older, you don't always get a party with every age. But reaching this point in my life is good enough and nice to get wishes all the same. Much much appreciated guys :hug:.

== Commissions ===

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7
Yep tis me birthday today, 33 years. Just...whew, grateful for getting this far and here's hoping to more down the line.

So just a heads up, stay golden and pray for my fellow Texans down in Houston. They really need it.

== Commissions ===

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7
Hope everyone is having a good summer so far (in the US that is ^^. If your outside the states, hope your current season it treating ya well). Just one more month till we hit fall and the holiday season commences. So folks who're in school, get that last hooray in before you gotta hit the books once more.

Not much going on on my end, working on some art with a few comics here and there. So look forward to what I got to post and if you have a commission from me, don't worry. I haven't forgotten ya.

That said, keeps yourselves safe and cool!

== Commissions ===

Still got these going on, if you want. Check out the price list and rules before hitting me up.
Retro7's Commissions by Retro7

=== Notable things around DA===

:iconplenilunij-lee: commissions are up and running. So if you want one, check him out. His artwork is pretty good.

:iconkaiint: just opened up a page here on DA and offering free requests. So make her feel welcomed and get em while you can.
<da:thumb id="696136753"/>

:iconmochosum: is doing some till the end of Aug 25. Tis contest like, but hey try your luck, neh.

<da:thumb id="699570969"/>

And another request event going in with :iconcy-chin:. Get em while you can.
 <da:thumb id="700627608"/>


* Chester Bennington
Geez suicide, apparently in response to Chris Cornell's death (likewise suicide). That's always a shame and I always state that is never the answer to deal with depression, there's always something to live for. Wasn't a major fan of Linkin Park but there were some great songs I do have on my MP3 lists. Hope you find peace, my friend.

* June Foray…. Recently passed away at the age of 99. I pretty much grew up on her voice in the 90s and, like Alan before her, she was a trooper who kept acting to the end when she could (the last I remember hearing her was in Flapjack where she voiced an old woman leaving in Bubbe belly). Thanks so much for everything June and rest in peace.
Got a major burst of energy for a bit and decided to put it to some use. So yeah time for requests. But as a certain song goes: "We have some rules to follow".

* I'll only take 10 though. So first come, first serve.
* Only one character
* It'll be lineart only
* Will be a bust drawing.
* Having a reference REALLY helps.

So respond to this journal and have at it.

UPDATE: And it's done! All ten requests have been completed! Thanks to all who participated! You guys rock! ^_^


1. :iconhaisai-dbarenzu: (Done) Request [Bust 01 (Haisai-DBarenzu)] by Retro7
2. :icontrishagaile: (Done) Request  [Bust Sketch 02 (Tishagaile)] by Retro7
3. :iconurvy1a: (Done) Request [Bust Sketch 03 (Urvy1A)] by Retro7
4. :iconmicole66: (Done) Request [Bust Sketch 04 (micole66)] by Retro7
5. :icondj-mara: (Done) Request: [Bust Sketch 05 (dj-Mara)] by Retro7
6. :iconilikepony: (Done)  Request [Bust Sketch 06 (Ilikepony)] by Retro7
7. :iconjohnnguyrqawesomefan: (Done)  Request [Bust Sketch 07 (JohnnGuyRQAwesomeFan)] by Retro7
8. :iconimfamouse: (Done) Request [Bust Sketch 08 (ImfamousE)] by Retro7
9. :iconchinchillachris67: (Done) Request [Bust Sketch 09 (ChinchillaChris67)] by Retro7
10. :iconcxsmicz: (done) Request [Bust Sketch 10 (cxsmicz)] by Retro7



If you would like a full fledged color drawing from me or just a more detailed pic. Don't be afraid to commission me =D

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Notable Journals

:icongalaxymelody: likewise doing some requests.

Free Requests! CLOSEDHey! Im opening free requests again BUT ill do them AFTER college because i dont have time >.< so im opening future requests so you will see your requests when im done with college and all :)
Ill do: Animals ( cats, canines, dragons i do better )
         Gore ( but not to much )
         I can try furries
         Chibies ( i can try )
         one drawing for each person
         I can draw 2 chars in one drawing but i prefer 1 x3 xD
Wont do: weird stuff and fetishes
             robots etc
Ill draw poses and all how i feel, you just need to dwscribe you chars personality thats all
Few rules ( Please read it ): Be my watcher ( oldies but goldies are welcome too but i

As is :iconsleepy-mia:

Daily Requests CLOSED and DONEALL DONE~~~ Finished a little late but I'm happy I got it done! Hope everyone who was picked likes their picture. Thanks to everyone for participating!
Hey guys! Mostly for fun. I want to get back into drawing. I'm really struggling for a specific purpose. I want to practice drawing different people, and I'd like more things to post on my Instagram   daily. It's also been a year since I did this and I'd like the chance to give back to my watchers/friends and interact more again.

Level of detail subject to individual change. May not include shading/highlights. 
For one month, I am going to pick one request each day. This begins June 13, 20

And :icondarkwolfartist:

<da:thumb id="692110867"/>

Summers coming and that means commissions are about to fire up around the site. I'm not different, so if you want any from me, don't be afraid to ask.

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