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For anyone in or around the Liverpool (UK) area, this coming weekend is MCM Liverpool Comic Con, at which we will have a table! So if you haven't had a chance to meet us in person, now's your chance!

Also, all Undertale items have been added to our Etsy shop -
All items are listing in one product -… - and any orders over £15 ($21) are eligible for discount, however you need to contact me before purchasing!
So. I've cried for the first time in a very long time today.

You've all heard the news by now,
Robin Williams has passed away.......

I am truly at a loss of words regarding this. I literally had two celebrities who I wanted to meet in my life time and thank for being such major lights in my childhood. And now one of them is gone....
(The other is Jim Carrey by the way)
I know that posting this on a website forum will just have it fall into the vortex that is the internet, but for one moment I want to voice myself.

Thank you Robin. For being an amazing human being. Your personality, comedy and enthusiasm for your work has shaped a significant part of my life, and I'm so glad that it was you that got to do that. Hundreds of millions, if not billions, will miss you my friend...... rest well.

I'd also like to mention that if anyone reading this is suffering from Depression or anxiety, DO NOT let it sit and fester. Talk to people. It can be family, friends, even a complete stranger on the net. I honestly believe that talking to people is the greatest way to break the cycle of depression. I know medication can be a necessary response, but talking about it and acknowledging it with other people is the first and hardest step.

You are not alone in this world. You have 7 billion potential friends on this planet, and a lot of us are just a click away!
If you want someone to talk to, consider me your first potential friend :)

Thank you for reading,

- Matt

They are available as Keyrings, Bag-clips or Necklaces!

Click the image or HERE to go to the Etsy listing!

- Matt

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Hello everyone!

So this is the first time in AAAAGESS that I've done a journal entry, so sorry about that!

I officially have a store open on Etsy! -> HERE
And I have TWO promotional options for you!

The first is a coupon code for my shop specifically, which entitles you to 10% off any order! - ALLYOURBASE10 (enter this at checkout)

The second is a £5 free voucher with any purchase (doesn't have to be my shop, but would be nice)

The T&Cs are basically: Order must be £10 or over, and you need to create an Etsy account (can sign in through facebook) to use it!
So if anyone has ever wanted the shinys and the sparkles and the pretties, use it as you please!! :D

That's all guys!
Thanks for favouriting/watching my stuff! You're all AWESOME!


Welcome to my Deviantart page!

I have been on this site for nearly 6 years now, however after a long time I've decided to give myself a new name :) Unfortunately I made this account before they implemented the option to change your screen name, and refused to terminate this account so I could change my old account :iconmetru-guy: to Retr8bit. So I've had to start from scratch, but no worries because everyone needs a fresh start every now and then :D

Everyone is welcome here! This is my small business which I hope to expand in the next year, touring comic, gaming and anime conventions across the UK. If you are interested by any of the items you see in the gallery, there will be links to my etsy page on all deviations :)

If you have suggestions of things to make, or would like to commission something, please don't hesitate to ask (either comments, notes or on the etsy page)

Also, to keep even more up to date, go and like my Facebook Page :facebook:for early/more constant updates and images of commissions!

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!
Hello and welcome to my DeviantArt page.

This is my business page as my original :iconmetru-guy: is a bit amateurish and I felt like a revamp.

A thanks to all those at Eddsworld who purchased my stuff and gave me the incentive to set this up and running :D

Should you like me to make you an original sprite, message me the characters you'd like and I will get back to you as soon as possible if said commission is possible or not. I guarantee to respond to any messages you send ASAP. I will attempt anything you want, again as long as the colours are within my range. Please note that if you give me an image that isn't already in pixel form, I will do it, but it'll impact on how long it takes to make (I'll send you the reference picture I'll make a pixel version for you to view before starting on the actual sculpture so you're happy) and the price (but only minutely)

All sales, for the moment, will be done through paypal, but I plan to have etsy up and running as soon as possible.
Pricing will be as follows:
Small pokesprite - £6 (e.g. pichu, bulbasaur, cyndaquil, etc.)
Larger pokesprite - £9 (e.g.Gardevoir, Scizor, Vaporeon)
I will inform you what categorys' your requests will fall under in my first response
Earings - £5 a pair (anything bigger than a pokeball is £7)
ok, now the difficult one...
Customs - For every custom design, I will work out carefully how much they will cost via bead amount, amount of preparation (if you give me an image that I need to pixelize before hand) and crafting time, as said previous. I will quote this price as soon as I can.

Shipping: Depends, you'll have to look at etsy for my precisely worked out shipping costs. Though I'll point out all items are posted as soon as physically possible, UK Mainland orders are shipped first class and airmail to anyone outside the UK.

Whilst I keep my stocks fairly well supplied there maybe cases where I have to buy in more Hama beads so be patient with the crafting period (between 2-3 days). Once I receive payment, all my spare time will be spent on your commission as I like to be prompt with deliveries. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to note me or comment somewhere on my page

I think that's everything.
Oh! I'll be submitting a copy of everything I make to this gallery.

Eddsworld rules, hope you like my stuff and as always,

Stay Classy ;D

Edit: Changed the shipping details as they vary per item. Also I would just like to say that whilst I am greatly looking forward to MCM Expo tomorrow (May 25-27) it will not be the same without edd :( We miss you buddy, you were an amazing guy and I'm glad to have met you. Eddsworld will always keep on spinning dude, don't worry :) RIP Edd Gould, a fantastic and inspirational animator and a wonderful person