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Star Trek XI Fabric Patterns

If you watch the new trailer in HD you can see fabric pattern in the new uniforms is a tight tile of the starfleet logo. So here you go!

Three seamless patterns in set, science / medical, command and security. I didn't do a cadet black, doesn't look like the shirt has the pattern. But if you'd like one, just ask and I'll post another.

***Update: The pattern file that was uploaded seems to have gone bye bye. I've reposted the pattern file. If you've had any problems with this download, try re-downloading it now.

Copyright: Paramount Pictures.

Credits - Metal Type Style :iconmycort:
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worked for me, thanks
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It doesn't work for me ;o;
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You can't open it as a regular file, you have to open it as a texture, through layer options and such. Could that perhaps be it?
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Thank you for sharing! I'll credit when I use it!
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Thank you for sharing!!
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Do you know if there's a way to use this pattern in Paint Shop?
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I don't think so. It's a PS resource file which as far as I know can only be used in Photoshop. But I could be wrong!
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Thank you so much!!!
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Also, do you know if there's a way to use a pattern with a brush? Rather than fill? I've never relaly worked with patterns before
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used here: [link]
thank you!
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gah, I cant download it because it says file type not supported...
Well, I can download it, but I cant use it... Sadness...
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Ah... probably because you're trying to open it instead of loading it into Photoshop. You can't open PS pattern, shapes, brushes, swatches, etc... files. They must be loaded inside of PS instead.

You can load a pattern two ways. It's the same procedure for both.

1 - Create a new file in PS, go to the Layers palette and click on the adjustment layer icon at the bottom (looks like a b/w cookie).
2 - Choose pattern from the list. This will create a new pattern adjustment layer and the pattern select window will auto open.
3 - On the left side you'll see an icon of the pattern currently selected and on it's right side is a blue toggle bar. Click on the toggle bar and it will show you all the patterns currently loaded. In this window is another toggle bottom, a small one with a little arrow in the upper right hand corner. Click on it, this opens a menu list. Scroll down and you'll see "load patterns". Choose this, navigate to the pattern file you downloaded (make sure you unzip it first) and select it and choose OK. The adjustment layer will load the pattern.

You can also load a pattern by making a selection on a layer (not a mask) and choosing "Fill". After you select Fill it will open a window that allows you to select the type of fill you'd like to apply. Pattern is one of the options.

This is basically how you load most resource files into PS. Shapes, brushes, styles and swatches all have their own palettes with a toggle button you can use to load the files.

Hope that helps!
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I never understood the choice to make the fabric pattern tightly tiled enterprise insignias... it didn't become the Starfleet insignia for another like 20 years after the movie supposedly takes place. that's irrelevant to your art though lol.. thanks for the great file :)
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It's just a Hollywood thing. I don't think it's something most people would even notice. They did the same thing on the Superman costume in Superman Returns.
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Wow I was looking for the pattern!!
Thank you for the upload XD!!!:heart:
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Very useful! Nice work!
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These are so awesome... Days like this I wish I could afford PS but sadly all I have is GIMP.. but great work :heart:
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Thanks :) Yes, PS is expensive, no way around it :(
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Excellent stuff, I use the pattern very often for various Trek and Non-Trek works. Thank you very much for creating this pattern!
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