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Red Faction Guerrilla Shapes



Game icon PS shapes from Red Faction Guerrilla.

In-game icons for weapons, targets, missions, etc.

*** Tutorial on how to load shapes into Photoshop: [link]

Credits - Grunge texture from Struckdumb

Copyright: THQ Inc.

Usage rules -

- No commercial / corporate use without permission from THQ Inc. and or myself.
- OK for prints on and off DA.
- If you intend to use any of my resources in work that promotes or advocates any of the following: Hate, Racism, Objectivism, Laizzes Faire Capitalism (and or "Free Markets"), Right-wing political parties (Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives or Objectivists) and specifically any opinions expressed or supported by Fox News... I'd prefer you not use them. If you choose to ignore my request, do not credit me or make any mention of the use of my resources in your work.
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