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Call Of Duty Grenade Wallpaper



I was playing COD 5 last night and felt the need to create this wallpaper.

COD: Modern Warfare was a near perfect game except for the really annoying grenades or as I call them "sticky bombs". No matter where you run, the grenade follows like it's glued to you. In COD World at War, they took the concept and put it on crack! They should have called it COD: Grenade Parade. It's so out of hand, I won't go into it. But the wallpaper is pretty much what you face.

BTW - it's definitely a rental.

© 2008 Activision Publishing, Inc.


Brushes - :iconleboef: [link]
Texture - [link]
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The opening moments of a Search and Destroy game in a nutshell.