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Did Fallout: Equestria - Heroes finish or something? 'Cause I'm suddenly seeing an uptick from FoE stuff that I hadn't seen in what feels like a long time.

Puppysmiles is still easily a top 10 filly.
Just a quick reminder for the balloon enthusiasts that have come across my art or art that I have commissioned:
An artist willing to accept and draw balloon-related themes frequently does not always imply that they like balloons themselves.

While I adore balloon-related content, it is not safe to assume that other artists I deal with will.
If you encounter me in a mixed-audience social environment, please be mindful of that fact before bringing up the topic. It's fine to ask if unsure, but please don't make the assumption.

Also, another reminder that I do not accept blind friend-requests on any platform. If you don't give me a heads up on a site like this before trying to add me on services like Discord or Steam, I will decline the request.
I have survived my first week of work. While I'll probably still make time to draw on weekends, expect that I will not post frequently.
Gonna keep it brief:
  1. I am more of a software developer than I am an artist. If you would like for me to work with you on a game project or application, let me know. It won't be free, but we'll strike a fair price. C#, Java, JavaScript are the most familiar to me, but I can work with other languages and frameworks as well.
  2. I'm getting odd messages in regards to my online accounts. If you see any unusual behavior coming out from one of my accounts, try to get in contact with me elsewhere.
  3. I do accept art commissions occasionally. The base price is $7.25 with an additional $7.25 per hour spent. I try not to go over 4 hours, but that can be flexed depending on the subject. Keep in mind that I will take longer to do things I am unfamiliar with or need special conditions to work on(like explicit violence or sexual content) and that coloring a work will usually take slightly than the time it took to sketch it in the first place. When things are kept short, I usually accept payment for art commissions after it is complete. With enough info about what's desired, I can give an estimate on how long it will take me to do it. I give WIPs as progress as made and if available, I will offer to stream it as it is drawn.
Not having as much fun looking at art right now. Which is part of why I'm not drawing as much and not responding to comments as frequently. I've kinda got my hands tied with projects that I have about one and a half months remaining to complete. There might be some rough doodles here and there. Most likely, anything I draw will be related to Stable 45.

Also, if anyone uses the female Text to Speech readings on Storytime with Revel Romp, I will be removing those soon due to an assumption I made when setting that up. The other readings will stay as they are.
If you want to guide my art direction, please fill out the following poll. You may submit via comment reply to this journal, send a note, or email me. (travisuped via gmail) You may respond to as few inquiries as you wish. I'll be recording responses and revisiting them during the upcoming year.


1) What one art practice am I doing that you would like me to alter/reduce? 

2) What one art practice am I doing, but not doing very well? (What can I do to improve it?)

3) What one art practice am I not doing that you would like me to do more of?

4) What's the thing I've created that you like the most? (Why?)

5) What should I focus on making? (Drawing, writing, programming, videos, music, or something else?

6) What do I owe you? (Notes, Email, etc might be best for this one, especially if something private slipped my mind.)

7) Any requests? (I make no promise that it will be done.)


Re: Feedback from the previous year… :
  • You should remove the hidden lines instead of leaving them in and work on cleaning up linework in general - I made very little progress on this one, though I still think it was a good suggestion. In the past year of faffing about with it though, I think I'd kinda like to make a more devisive split in my sketchwork that relies on outlines, and other works that simply discard or heavily reduce the prominence of the actual lines.
  • The stuff you draw with younger characters is a little eerie - My plan was to move that type of stuff to a separate gallery. At some point, I stopped caring, and just went back to doing what I always have, and I kept forgetting the password to my alt accounts elsewhere. But I can understand the feelings. If I do end up changing my approach to this in the future, I doubt it'll involve drawing less cute, tiny characters.
  • I can't really read your handwriting - I keep forgetting most drawing software has a Text tool. Though I don't think I drew much that had text in it at all this year, did I?
  • Do more image sequences! - I did a few more animation-y type dealies here and there. 
  • Try more varied action poses! - I think I did a few, but I definitely seem to still favor sitting and standing. Most of what I do in my life is one of those two. But I think focusing mostly on balloon art this year probably didn't help with the variety thing.
  • Draw more anthros! - I didn't even come close on this one. My switch from Equestrian Dawn MUSH as my daily hangout spot to Canternet IRC's #FalloutEquestria IRC kinda pushed my mindset much deeper into MLPFiM territory and my old playaround ideas that got kicked about when I briefly had a small private MUD inbetween leaving my first and joining EqDawn got shoved into a box and taped shut. A friend had me interested in the possibility of constructing a Retl Compendium for whatever made up fictional characters and worlds I want to make up. I might do that. Would probably make fore more anthro/alien/robot/human/computer characters that aren't just fanart of fanfics of another fanfic of a game and cartoon show.


A) If you like the type of stuff I typically draw, it might be worth watching Littlest Pet Shop. For example, the current episode "Littlest Pet Shop, Ep. 8 "The Big Feathered Parade" for example. Or an earlier episode "Littlest Pet Shop -S02E03- Eight Arms to Hold You". Cute stuff. Fun stuff. Silly cute fun goofy catchy stuff. Try it.

B) I might do a little more LPS stuff in the future. Maybe.
So yeah, I'm noticing that I'm not particularlly great at prioritizing goals and plans. A lot of the suggestions I received from the art feedback form at the end of last year have completely fallen off my radar in favor of 'Oh hey, here's a thing I doodled in two minutes and don't feel like working on anymore!' type posts.

And frankly, that's probably not about to change soon, either.

Anyway, I had a few people asking why I haven't been posting as much stuff as I usually do. There's a few reasons in particular.
1. I am in the last two weeks of my current semester of class, and have two fairly large projects that need to be completed very very soon. Due to ill planning and prioritization on my part, I now have to do three months worth of relatively small incremental work in the span of 10 days. It makes an off-day or a sick day that much worse. So that's my number one focus of creative effort at the moment.

2. I ended up getting a taste of creative writing again working on one of my final projects for this call semester. Between that, and the past few months of hanging out on Canternet IRC's #FalloutEquestria channel, I've started working on fanfiction of my own. I might never finish them. I might start dumping them on dA in my scraps. I might put them on Fimfiction and then abandon them. But I've been working on some. If you're curious about reading what I've written thusfar (niether of which is complete) Ministry of Morale: Adoption and Fallout Equestria: CHEATER UNICORN MAGIC are linked in this post. I also do my outlining and whatnot in those files, so chance of spoilers and out-of-order content and whatnot.

3. I've got a commission in the queue that needs to get done. Typically, when I've got my wits about me and the williness to work with colors, I resume working on the commission instead of trying to do more new polished up stuff right now. This is part of why there's occasionally a pack of doodles from my bus rides or drowsy-thoughts that get plunked into my scraps, but not a lot of colorful stuff in the main gallery

4. I started a porn-drawing tumblr where I sometimes post poorly drawn porn. That also takes time. (Though eventually, I'll probably need to have a backup location that isn't Tumblr.)

5. I broke my own website three times in the past two months, rendering them completely useless for longer than I should have. And it also costs my money to keep my site going that I'm not sure I'll be able to keep consistantly paying. So I've stopped making that my primary dumping grounds. But I'm still not entirely sure where to take the rough doodles instead. dA, FA, Inkbunny, and SheezyArt all have different awkward clauses or rulings for their sites that make me reluctant to host different portions of my work on them.

If I had any other points, I forgot what they were. I blame it on the applejuice and cakeslice. 'Kaybainao
It's frankly more cozy and convenient to stay here than it was to stay at home, for the most part. Though eventually I'll need to find a nearby barber or something if I'm planning on staying here for longer periods of time without heading back to the other house.

Food's been good. Filling, tasty, varied, and paid for in advance (thanks to even more loans).

I still need to get a better PC setup than my EP121 though. While this is a serviceable PC, it lacks the harddrive space for the IDEs and SDKs my classes are asking for (at least, not if I plan to keep these drawing software applications installed. Which I do, since this is the main thing I use for digital drawing.)
I'm moving into dorms today in just a few hours. Yay me! 

I should be able to still post some kinds of drawings somehow from the dorms but I don't know. So if I drop off of the face of the universe, it probably had something to do with that. Never really lived away from family like this before. Here's to hoping everything works out. And here's all of my skepticism in case it doesn't.

Hey, did I mention I'm bad with proportions? I went back and did some rereading of Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes to get a better feel of Puppy's age range (behaviorally, anyway). I was reminded that while she can speak moderately well, her reading and writing skills aren't quite there yet, and her view of a lot of things is very simple. She's doesn't act with quite the judgement and vocabulary of the CMC in FiM, but her being able to speak relatively clearly definitely puts her a bit over the baby Cakes. So what does that look like?

Well, the spot right inbetween 0.4 and 0.6 would be 0.5, right?
Yay, I nailed it! ...Sorta. That's a massive rump! I could blame it on the perspective, but it only takes a cursory look through my gallery to see I kinda end up with skewed hourglass and droplet shapes for my characters all the time. Visually, I like the cuteness aspect and that's still in tact. But the behavioral indications of youth aren't quite there, and the meaty thighs being less to mind a youngster and more an Elin. Which I am mostly OK with, but wasn't quite my goal. Hence, psuedo-filly proportions.

(EDIT: It's more of a pear than an hourglass.)
Tried to make the guides using proportional circles first and then draw a better size thing based on that. It still feels a little weird to me, but I'm not quite sure if it's just because it's an unusual way for me to draw it that makes it look odd to my habits, or if it's because something is actually wrong. Either way. Cute puppy stays cute.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! : ) I appreciate it, even if me saying so seems like a small gesture.

I don't expect any of you to get me anything, but if you want to gift me something, it'd be nice to see more drawings or stories about characters enjoying balloons or balloon-like things. Could be your own original characters. Could be My Little Pony characters. Could be a character I've drawn. Anything really. So if you want to share something like that with me, toss a link in the comments section or in a note and I'll make sure to at least look it over! For example of what I'm particularly fond of,……… and balloonpoppingfun.deviantart.c… all have plenty of different takes on things.

I'm not really doing anything special here, today. Just relaxing and playing games and whatnot. Yay for another year of successfully not-dying!
I'm open for commissions. Payment will be accepted via Paypal. If alternate means of paying are needed, we can discuss that over email.  All prices are in USD.

Things I will NOT draw: Any kind of grudge/hate/attack art. 
Things I am unlikely to draw: Gore (mild comic violence is OK). Scat. Giant robots.

Things I LIKE to draw: Cute and silly funny stuff. Balloon stuff. Ponies.

For the time being, I'm only accepting single-character commissions. If you want me to draw the same character multiple times though, let me know. It'll be a little less time consuming so I can probably cut a discount on it.

Types of Drawings:

Props (Max: 3): +~$2 each. (Depends on complexity. In… blanket or the basket would be a prop. The balloons would be free. If there were a *lot* of balloons, or if the balloons needed specific designs drawn on, they would be considered props.)
Background/Setting: +~$10. (Depends on complexity. Non-colored sketches only.)

If you're interested, send an email to with details on what you would like drawn. Including reference images will help a lot. Include COMMISSION somewhere in the message subject.
If you want something that doesn't fit with the drawing types described above, feel free to ask about that in the email. I'll let you know how feasible it is.

  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
  • [Empty]
When these slots are filled, I'll stop taking commissions until the list is cleared out.
If you like seeing animated characters interact with balloons, Equestria Girls (the movie) has about 3 minutes worth of exactly that within the first half hour of film. It has four instances of playing/popping right after EqG!Pinkie and EqG!Applejack get their introductions. I realize I'm wearing my quirks on my sleeve again, but I do think that bit of fun even on its own makes Equestria Girls worth trying.

On that note, if anyone's feeling confident at drawing humanized FiM characters, I'd be willing to do a sketch trade.
MLP FiM Student Film Project Double Rainboom is now available for viewing. So if that's something you're interested in, get watching!
Mother came back home last week. Since then she's slowly been getting better. She's kinda able to walk (sometimes) again. Therapy in progress. Day by day, she can lift her arm a little higher and speak a bit clearer.
Was told she had a transient ischemic attack (TIA). I can't tell you any more about what that means than Google can.

Anywho, if there's anyone about I had arrangements to draw for, if I haven't gotten in contact with you in the past 5 days, now would be a good time to poke and make sure I'm still working on whatever. I *think* I still have everything in order. Everything just seemed to slip out of control this month.
My mother had a stroke yesterday morning. She's still over in the hospital now.

I'm scared of the realization that I'll actually need to be responsible for a change, and for more than just me.

I make no promises as for the art side of things. Doubtful I'll stop drawing altogether, it's a habit.
Update #1:
Got my PC out of the shop, took my older components out and reassembled my original desktop back to the state it was originally it. Works just fine.
As for what's now about to be a separate computer entirely, it still lacks a suitable power supply. Turns out my old one probably wouldn't have been enough to start the system, and could have introduced the possibility of fires. The new PSU should be arriving within the week with any luck. If the new box survives all of this derpbuse, I'll name it Artic Snow-Bunny Haste.

For now, things are (mostly) back to normal.

Original Post:
Thursday, I tried to upgrade my PC. Failed, as I had the wrong case form-factor.
Today, tried upgrading again with a new case.
I didn't secure the CPU correctly.
It popped out when trying to deal with the heatsink. No obvious pin damage, but I don't own any thermal compound to start fresh, so I'm taking it all in the (student) repair shop today to see what they can do.

Commissions will continue (my EP121 is unaffected), but correspondence may be much more brief.
If you want to guide my art direction, please fill out the following poll. You may submit via comment reply to this journal, send a note, or email me. (travisuped via gmail) You may respond to as few inquiries as you wish. I'll be recording responses and revisiting them during the upcoming year.

1) What one art practice am I doing that you would like me to alter/reduce?

2) What one art practice am I doing, but not doing very well? (What can I do to improve it?)

3) What one art practice am I not doing that you would like me to do more of?

4) What's the thing I've drawn that you like the most? (Why?)

5) Any requests? (I make no promise that it will be done.)
Happy Holidays (because good gravy are there a lot of holidays going down that I don't know the first thing about right now)! Hope you're all keeping safe and comfty wherever you are, and I wish you the best.
My home net connection's back on. Beats using local libraries and tethered phone connections. Youtube, here I come!

I'm looking to commission / trade art for pixel art. I have Paypal and dA Points readily available, but if another method's preferred, feel free to ask. I'm primarily looking to get a few 48x48 (at maximum) Twitter icons made. If interested, leave a comment below or send me a note. Email is fine if preferred, send a note requesting my email address.