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Oh Yeah? by Retl Oh Yeah? by Retl
The November 2018 Artsnacks box came with Liquitex Acrylic Gouache, a new Sakura MicroPerm pen, a Winsor & Newton Galeria Round paintbrush, and a CRETACOLOR MegaGraphite 6B pencil.
6B is way too soft for me so I doubt I'll continue to use the pencil.
And paints require the additional setup of a paint palette (or at least an extra scrap of paper to draw the paint from), a water cup to rinse the brush, and a place to put the brush when it's not in use such that it won't drip or spill on anything else. I'm working with a pretty limited amount of workspace, to any kind of dip-media is an immediate negative in my book.
Decided to give the Liquitex and paintbrush a try at least to see how it works and to figure out if I can get some value out of it, resulting in this quick doodle.

I'm probably not going to be able to use up this entire bottle of paint before it starts going bad, though. I just. Really don't like the feel- it's too much like watercolor which I don't love- and the only color I have to work with is this Primary Red.

Ultimately, I went ahead and canceled my ArtSnacks subscription and I'll use that money to get a good set of brush markers, since I've been having a very good time with those so far. Probably gonna get Blick Studio… or Winsor and Newton…
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November 8, 2018
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