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Dazzle B. Whitecat and Punctura by Retl Dazzle B. Whitecat and Punctura by Retl
The B stands for Buster, and Whitecat is a creature type, not a name. She's a playful entertainer at heart with enough business sense to make a living performing at celebrations and selling videos. Her watch, Punctura, is custom commissioned gear that uses Avalician energy to manifest bubble shields for protection. Her typical entertainment routine involves using the same power to create eye-catching displays. Her hearing is not-that-great.
While not wealthy, the heavy energy use through Punctura necessitates a large storage of gems, and the constant carry of large amounts of gems makes her a target for thieves.
Alternatively, jokey over-the-top fake explanation: 
no it's my otp bestest supersue superhero magelady strongestcharacter happiestfriendliestcharacter ever catlady named notCarol the WildcatTea who is not a copypaste of Carol Tea from Freedom Planet. She's a Freedom Planet OC and the new princess of Avalice. i am best oc-er. Actually, it is a FP OC tho. an excuse for bubble hijinks or something. I would say it's easier for me to draw than to write fic but then I realize I just spent 4 hours on that picture. I KNOW I can write a fic in less than that amount of time. Not a good one, but one. The moral of the story is "why am I not an author?"

A not-entirely-random Freedom Planet OC and resident of Avalice. I'll see about drawing at least one of the canonical feature characters at some point in this year. Most likely, I'll get a picture of Carol going sooner or later.
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January 1, 2015
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