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This content is intended for mature audiences.

Rally having some noisy fun after closing hours with discarded display balloons. Rally much prefers to watch others have their fun, but when in the mode for tactile interaction, playing rough with the balloons can give a delightful thrill.

In particular, the excess helium balloons tend to be disposed after one day on display either the night of closing, or before opening the following morning. This is because the helium balloons will start to lose float after this time, creating a less effective sales display. And due to a limited amount of space in the building overall. Hoarding the discarded balloons rapidly floods the building with the rubber smell (moreso than usual) and simply reduces the amount of space they have to live and work in.

Formula to extend the float time of the balloons, but can cause certain colors to degrade more quickly, on top of increasing the cost if the balloon doesn't sell and creating a small damp mess if it is broken.
Twisting balloons and air-filled rounds used for sculptures and constructs tend to stick around the shop longer, but never more than a week.

Either way, Rally and a few of their acquaintances are always eager to help Gale with cleanup tasks.
Well, at least the one task. 

This is probably about as lewd as I'm comfortable drawing.
Also, I did try to inkwash this one and made a horrible mess of the page. Again. Fortunately, I had a scan before the attempt, which is the one you're seeing now.
Also, I think I followed the reference images a little too closely with this one. The huge breasts are a massive giveaway, given I typically avoid rendering breasts on characters I draw.
Also decided that for the sake of saving time and visual clarity, I'll just omit most of Rally's right ear instead of trying to render it as torn up and worn down.
Sky-Hoper Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2018
Hehe, she sure have fun!
Now, let's hope some balloons will resist her!
Or at least she need a huge balloon to finish her fun :3
Retl Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, she absolutely loves it!
And with the kind of business she's involved in now, there will always always be more than she can handle. Some might be too tough, or she just might get tired out by how many there are, but every day and every night there'll be another chance to play.
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