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8 Inktober 2018
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I just want to go to bed. Once the Inktober is submitted, I will do so.

My ideal version of this would have a one of those "self-made" statues of the character carving themself out of stone to imply the sculpture and stonemasonry of this particular manor. building. placething.
but I have a day job to return to tomorrow and I would much rather have sleep

oh right did I ever mention Rally was originally a stone mason, primarily focusing on constructing more ornamental pieces for shops and homes, and occasionally decorative sculpture
In a more fantastical exaggerated setting I would also give them exaggerated strength demonstrated by hauling/throwing/breaking boulders and the like, but I found every time that seemed relevant, replacing the stone with balloons would be more amusingly comical anyway.

I'm getting tired of the hatching, but I'm not sure how else to convey form well with solid two-tone.
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