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I just wanted a quick stomping pic, to be frank. Running on very little sleep and just trying to make it to the finish line.


With Jam adopting a role as a creator- constructing and manipulating new structures and lives for selfish gain, and Pepper adopting a role as a destroyer to prevent resource over-consumption and excessive degradation into depravity, the creator-creation relationship between J&P and all of the living creatures modeled in Pepper's visiage is sometimes assumed to be like mother, father, and child, or like a god and its subjects.

The reality is that the two are simply selfish criminals who overindulge their respective obsessions to mutual benefit. Jam loves to make new things, to iterate, and to see their makings interacted with and enjoyed. Pepper loves to push the limits of the things Jam makes until they break, and to test the limits of her own power. While they both claim intent to leave their world and build a better one, both in reality are just as content to follow along with each-other and enjoy each-other's company. The *specific* things and beings created and destroyed are almost irrelevant in the relationship between the two. 

It doesn't mean that those lives or objects are without value. Just, often critically overlooked as anything beyond a tool.

After the widespread adoption of Open Synthetic Biology Autonomy Composition Kit and the Semblance of Life Everlasting applications for the ubiquitous nanosystems, complex and heavily penalized regulations for the technology was set into place. The laws for this were not at all standardized between the different countries, and ultimately all of it continued to see wild exploitation.

After Jam and Pepper discovered their passion, Pepper decided that if they wanted to have "real" fun, they needed to go somewhere else, make new names, stay as far from their homes as they could. Start over, build what they want. Do what they want. And if they ever get caught, they were as good as dead anyway. So just go nuts, right?

And they were happy together for many many years, until during a routine rampage, Pepper went missing. Jam became obsessed with Pepper to continue the fun times. And in doing so very nearly abandoned their daughter Kim and their large bunny-like "toy" creatures meant for Pepper's attention.

As far as the creatures themselves, some believe that a group seeking change decided to take it upon themselves to defeat Pepper, and therefore have their own everlasting lives. Another belief is that Pepper had finally been found and apprehended by some form of enforcement, to pay for all of the crimes committee. Or another, more likely option, is that Pepper finally did find a way to create their own ideal world, and simply abandoned their old life, old companions, and old comforts to truly start new, with idealized replicas to replace them with.

Jam and Pepper's use of the new tools is irresponsible, unworldly, and in the pursuit of selfish fun. But they're only two out of an entire populace with access to the same options and more. They are simply not the most dangerous or important thing going on on any given day.
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Submitted on
October 29, 2018
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