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25 Inktober 2018 - Luna by Retl 25 Inktober 2018 - Luna by Retl
Luna Mars
An astronaut that went to the moon and came back. A natural knack for numbers and a bit of lucky timing saw her small balloon-collecting-project-turned-retail-business grow into a large corporate franchise store/manufacturer and near-monopoly Lunatex Inc. on the Southern Islands. Friendly, well-meaning, and deceptively intelligent, her status and fortune gained her some enemies that would like to see her wealth crumble and often fear just how soon the company's power will be abused against the populace. 

Notably, one of the most effective ways to do well in the business of balloon decor is to join Lunatex Inc.'s Certified Balloon Mastery program. One of the stipulations of joining the program requires the decorate make exclusive use of Lunatex's balloons in decor jobs for as long as they stay in the CBM' registry. This ensures their balloons stay the standard on the market and the version of the good most familiar to parties. Which in turn convinces newer decorators trying to learn it themselves that they must be doing it wrong if it doesn't look like what the other pros are using. And they in turn join the program.

The restriction does not apply to retail sales, a forgiveness existing only due to the pushback of businesses that know where to get balloons for cheaper..

Just one more week to go. It's been a struggle. Trying to prep for NaNoWriMo. I might not go public with the efforts for that one, as it will be much more of a challenge for me in an artform I'm not particularly experienced in.
Ryxingeir Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
You've been doing a really good job with it so far, Retl!  i do hope the rest goes okay *hugs very gently*
And good luck in advance for next month!
Retl Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Hugs* Thanks so much, the encouragement and support is appreciated!
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