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24 Inktober 2018 - Six Winds
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The earliest days of the new settlement on the Southern Isles were not without error. Jam, being new to the Open Synthetic Biology Autonomy Composition Kit but very familiar with creating Life Systems, needed time to learn how to make suitable bodies for the creatures that would serve as the entertainment Pepper and Jam in their new lives. The early practice constructs used the sands to create thin glassy orbs that would shatter into fine mist when broken. These shells would roll constantly but slowly, always trying to move to the nearest source of heat. Additional refinement lead to the creation of the Shells, which use a much more malleable long-lasting material to contain and shape its insides, and gradually hardening over several years to the more rigid and glassy form.

Pepper took great pleasure in shattering the orbs, and manipulating theme, testing them to their limits. This kept a balance as Jam honed the craft, Pepper kept the space free for new attempts, and to keep the spirits high. When Pepper went missing, Jam no longer had exposure to a constant source of waste disposal and encouragements of their efforts. When thought turned towards creating a defense force the islands and knowing that the reveling bunny-like creatures they had created were ill suited for destroying anything, let alone a hostile force, Jam took what was learned from creating Jam's "Squozen" and used it to create the first of new creatures in Pepper's visage. 

Six Winds- named for a common party trick Pepper would pull in the years before the islands- was assigned with the initial task of cleaning up remaining stray Old Shells, which overtime had grown to show more and more complex behaviors, a tendency to rapidly reproduce themselves, and a risk of growing large enough to do great contact damage.

Six Winds, or "Sequins" took great pleasure in the work, but after completing it was assigned the role of a leader and teacher to a number of even newer creatures of her own look, that had not had the experience of hunting the elusive Old Shells on their own. And Six Winds, like Pepper as they were based on, had little patience for teaching, skepticism of authority, and a pressing desire to see and discover more. As such, Six Winds was also one of the very first of these creatures to explore the islands with their pack, and the second to go missing. 

Future creatures from the day of SW's leave were made to attend mandatory education and training, far in excess of that ever expected by the Squozen. The intent was to protect them from whatever had made SW and Pepper go missing, as well as to make them much more effective in their ability to hide, their ability to fight, their understanding of how to upkeep communications, and in their ability to trust in chains of command. It worked, but with it came a much haughtier breed of these creatures, much more willing to exploit their knowledge advantage over the other early inhabitants of the small settlement for their personal gain. Anything the Squozen could make, they could make. Any trick short of full body manipulation that the Squozen could do, they could come remarkably close. The only thing they lacked were the sheer numbers, as their method of reproduction took much longer and required far more specific circumstances than the Squozen to be successful. Even those that mean well tend to have a fondness for mischief that can strain relationships.

Frustrated with the outcome, Jam brought their Squozen to start new settlements further inland, leaving the older initial settlements on the island coasts as a first line of defense should their pursuers or any other hostile actor find them. Despite this, the coastal creatures quite readily took to re-establishing trade routes with the neighboring islands and expanding the old settlements into a port town on their own. More efforts were made to encourage running and racing in their education so more easily pass news, information, and goods from the outer coast to the inland party.

Six Winds never stopped exploring nor stopped looking for a way back home. The world at large is simply far more vast than the experience on the island had led them to believe.
memo: stop calling them creatures and just call them peppercorns or something a name would simplify things a lot
also sleep more please
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