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10 Inktober 2018 - Rally (Intimate Thoughts)
By Retl   |   Watch
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Published: October 11, 2018
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Rally's sense of touch and pain is normally somewhat dull. Stronger touch sensations tend to give a feeling of "life" or "excitement". Rally can be friendly and affectionate when in a good mood, and this often involves more-than-gentle hugs, pats, and similar friendly touching.

Rally's more intimate desires resolve around sating the craving for tactic experiences. Occasionally, that might be thoughts of being under heavy objects, or exciting fights, but sometimes it takes the form of being smothered on all sides by increasingly over-inflated balloons. The good fortune of finding shelter in a shop that will provide relevant goods regularly just as a matter of normal operation.
But Rally also heavily enjoys watching others play with and enjoy balloons or just generally have a good time. So an ideal fantasy for Rally would be an indulging friend who really enjoys teasing and pleasing Rally with a reciprocal interest.

Or fantasizing about roughing it up with huge stompy, grabby, squeaky, explode-y beastly critters. In which case, Rally would have a hard time focusing on "winning" over intentionally prolonging things.

How I plan to convey this entire idea and mindset in a way that could comfortably air on a cartoon channel, I have no idea.
Also, I still haven't quite gotten the hang of Rally's proportions, but this is probably the last time I'll be drawing them this month. I do want to exaggerate the leg and thighs, but the torso proportions clearly need to change with it, or it stops looking like their bodies are meant to be that way, and instead like they're ill.
And while I've only drawn the character with balloons because that's what I'm more familiar with, both Kim and Rally in this image would take similar pleasure in being up close with over-inflated vinyl inflatables, but the increased costs and stress involved in repairing them should they break would probably make it less likely for Rally specifically to collect them. Kim does not have that problem and does like pooltoys.…

The next 5 drawings will be a different character, then I might start toying with fanart or something.
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