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20 Inktober 2018 - Becky - Being Watched by Retl
Mature content
20 Inktober 2018 - Becky - Being Watched :iconretl:Retl 1 0
19 Inktober 2018 - Size by Retl
Mature content
19 Inktober 2018 - Size :iconretl:Retl 3 0
18 Inktober 2018 Squeeze by Retl 18 Inktober 2018 Squeeze :iconretl:Retl 4 2 17 Inktober 2018 Training Gear by Retl 17 Inktober 2018 Training Gear :iconretl:Retl 5 0 16 Inktober 2018 Becky by Retl 16 Inktober 2018 Becky :iconretl:Retl 1 0 15 Inktober 2018 by Retl 15 Inktober 2018 :iconretl:Retl 2 0 14 Inktober 2018 - Gasket and Toric by Retl 14 Inktober 2018 - Gasket and Toric :iconretl:Retl 2 0 13 Inktober 2018 - Pepper Jam by Retl 13 Inktober 2018 - Pepper Jam :iconretl:Retl 3 0 12 Inktober 2018 - Nova by Retl 12 Inktober 2018 - Nova :iconretl:Retl 1 0 11 Inktober 2018 - Gasket by Retl 11 Inktober 2018 - Gasket :iconretl:Retl 4 0 Rally Bonus Doodle by Retl Rally Bonus Doodle :iconretl:Retl 1 0 10 Inktober 2018 - Rally (Intimate Thoughts) by Retl
Mature content
10 Inktober 2018 - Rally (Intimate Thoughts) :iconretl:Retl 7 0
9 Inktober 2018 - Rally (Enthusiast Vision) by Retl
Mature content
9 Inktober 2018 - Rally (Enthusiast Vision) :iconretl:Retl 8 2
8 Inktober 2018 by Retl 8 Inktober 2018 :iconretl:Retl 1 0 7 Inktober 2018 - Rally - Antoine Dye by Retl 7 Inktober 2018 - Rally - Antoine Dye :iconretl:Retl 2 0 6 Inktober 2018 by Retl 6 Inktober 2018 :iconretl:Retl 1 0
-{Remix Culture }-

Yes, you may redistribute my art.
Yes, you may modify my art.
Yes, you may repost edits of my art.
However, commissioned work is the property of the patron, and is not my art.

Links back are appreciated but not required. Specifying what edits are and aren't mine is appreciated, but not required.


Aspen Dickens 8 by KidoKoala
Mature content
Aspen Dickens 8 :iconkidokoala:KidoKoala 24 5
Kickbouxing crumpet by carnival Kickbouxing crumpet :iconcarnival:carnival 101 52
Mature content
Commission Information - Updated August 2016 :iconscificat:scificat 6 1
Commissions are open!
Only 5 slots are available atm!! Message me here, email me, or contact me on tumblr if you want to make a request.
click through for more information
:iconpigeonmilk:PigeonMilk 1 0
Mature content
Commissions Information :icontykudo:tykudo 10 22
PricingChartFor2018 by Thiridian PricingChartFor2018 :iconthiridian:Thiridian 28 3 Commission: Felis by vagab0nda Commission: Felis :iconvagab0nda:vagab0nda 506 12 Lao commission - naked (clean version) by Ja-The-Shadow-Hunter Lao commission - naked (clean version) :iconja-the-shadow-hunter:Ja-The-Shadow-Hunter 77 4 Lao commission - clothed by Ja-The-Shadow-Hunter Lao commission - clothed :iconja-the-shadow-hunter:Ja-The-Shadow-Hunter 60 2 COM - Lao Tian [Sketch] - Clothed Version by scificat COM - Lao Tian [Sketch] - Clothed Version :iconscificat:scificat 101 3
Hello everyone, I am doing commissions. Here is my simple basic commission details.
One character is US35
Two Characters is US50
The price that mention above are for my usual coloring methods, and prices may changed depends on the picture complexity and there are no sketches sample or preview and I don't do showing progress over the course only sending the finished works. And if anyone wants the style that I used for my current MLP wrestlers picture style the price would be a bit higher. I mostly work on all theme from clean to kinky except gore, killing or theme that is disturbing or odd pairing.
I also do NSFW too.
I also do some simple single comic strip commission too, But the price may changed and become more higher depending on the comic strip different details because everyone had their own different ideas.
And I only accept paypal.
1st Slot : Gwen and Gerph
2nd Slot : Zoey and Courtney
3rd Slot :
When I have finish doing the current commission, new slots is available again and
:iconxjkenny:XJKenny 7 15
10-20% off pantsless commissions
20% off for female, 10% off for male, in case you can't tell what I lean toward.

It applies to the main styles, but not background charges, and for animated icons we can go under that bridge when we reach it.
I will not be drawing genitalia whatever the case.  And non-discounted commissions are also available.  Good night and be safe on the road.
:iconrespelia:Respelia 1 0
If you are interested on a commission, just send me a Note
I do pictures, comics, 3d models, and Figures/statues
Prices depends mostly of what yo do you want me to draw
(pics are $40 for first character, $25 for each extra character on scene)
(comic pages are $75, but require a payment of 8 pages at least)
(most of my 3d models cost around $120 , and figures around $300 )
:iconbbmbbf:bbmbbf 15 19
Commissions CLOSED - Let's Go!
What I can/will draw:
- Most content relative to the pics in my gallery (You should really check it out, to help visualize how a commission from me would turn out)
- Regular Anime/Manga style characters
- Characters with props
- Oc's and Fan Art
- Males
- Females (Here's a chart for the boob and butt sizes, that I'm willing to go up to Boob Size Chart)
What I can't/wont draw:
- Abnormally big breast and butt sizes (I'm not doing Inflation/Expansion type commissions)
- Hentai/Nude/Yaoi (Light Ecchi and Yuri related stuff is okay, nothing extreme though)
- Anthro/Fur (I'm not all that solid, with this kind of stuff)
- Mature category content (Content has to be able to be uploaded, in the non-mature category)
- Underage Girls Depicted Sexually (Includes adult/mature versions)
These are non-commercial commissions.
:iconmetalbolic:Metalbolic 7 3
Commission prices September2 by BASELARDER Commission prices September2 :iconbaselarder:BASELARDER 7 0 Respelia Com finished png by BASELARDER Respelia Com finished png :iconbaselarder:BASELARDER 10 4


20 Inktober 2018 - Becky - Being Watched
I think this looks a lot more like how I intended this character to come off. Though it's maybe lacking in the cute department. More casual showy attire that doesn't hold much function other than aesthetics this time.

This scenario ties in with Rally's attempts to piggyback off of Gale's small shop to push the fetish angle and establish a distinctly separate branding. Using access to the studio, Rally followed up with a few of the people who she knew might be interested in that sort of thing and asked if they'ld be interested in helping out with videos to sell in exchange for upfront payment and supplies for the video provided at Rally's expense. Most who got the messages ignored them, either for wanting to keep their interests private, or for simply not trusting such a specific offer sent without prior messages of the sort.

As mentioned before, Becky craves constant attention. Recording videos isn't as fun as a live stream, and a live stream isn't remotely as fun as performing for people nearby that she can watch and talk to and tease and trick and ask for favors. Recording a video for Rally specifically is fine and helps pay for a few nicer-than-normal meals here and there, but is repetitive and somewhat dull work without much personal interest in the acts being requested.

Ultimately, this leads to establishing regular "parties" and "contests" at local clubs that stay just-shy of stating their fetish/erotic intent and just-shy of being lewd. Anyone but the innocent and see right through the facade of innocence. It forges a few new business relationships for Rally, gives Becky a better chance of picking up interesting info and gossip by listening in a the clubs, as well much more active eyes on her performances. But of course, this causes conflicts when people not-in-the-know get mistakenly pulled into fetish activities, and when people challenge if these meetups are legal or ethical at all. People demanding that if it's a sex thing, why isn't it called that?

A part of me wants to avoid the topic, but I am mildly opinionated (Be eager to mark sexual intent as such, even if the actual content is fine. The lack of content rating on the net other than "not-explicit" and "explicit" heavily favors lax content guidance in order to get more views, even if the people seeing it may not have wanted to, or should not have.)

also huge monster-crushing thighs because I like those.
19 Inktober 2018 - Size
Going by my personal prompt list, this should have been the one where I drew a fanservicey balloon thing featuring Becky.
Which prompted me to review the last five prompts I had pre-planned only to release I completely neglected to give Becky a dedicated set. Oops.

So uh, I drew this thing instead so I can be done and go to sleep! No real story for this one, just some balloon/bubble-play for whoever's watching.

On second thought, the bandanna thing isn't working out quite like I had hoped. Might just go back to that old long scarf and work on a backstory for having it.
18 Inktober 2018 Squeeze
Wanted t see if I could make reasonable color with the pastel gel pens I had sitting around on my drawer.
I've found that I really don't enjoy using gelpens at all, except for the highlight effect from the white gel pens.

Nothing really deep here, nor is it going to help me build a brand. Squeakysqueaky. 
This one wasn't even on my planned prompt list. I was intended to draw "Home pod / resting area/ stasis sphere" and just kinda did a thing so I can make deadline wheee.
Just a quick reminder for the balloon enthusiasts that have come across my art or art that I have commissioned:
An artist willing to accept and draw balloon-related themes frequently does not always imply that they like balloons themselves.

While I adore balloon-related content, it is not safe to assume that other artists I deal with will.
If you encounter me in a mixed-audience social environment, please be mindful of that fact before bringing up the topic. It's fine to ask if unsure, but please don't make the assumption.

Also, another reminder that I do not accept blind friend-requests on any platform. If you don't give me a heads up on a site like this before trying to add me on services like Discord or Steam, I will decline the request.



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Favourite cartoon character: Tails, Pinkie Pie, Puppysmiles

Any opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect those of any who may employ me.


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