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Commission: Final Fantasy Garuda

By retinence
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This is Garuda from Final Fantasy XIV.  This is the second Final Fantasy commission.  I believe she is a harpy type boss.  I really like how this came out. When I started I didn't think I could be as accurate as this with system bricks.  Nor did I imagine that I could make those wings without a ton of support.  She exceeded all my expectations.  

I will be attending Brickfair NJ.  I have a surprise MOC I'm unveiling there.

And If you are interested in a commission, email me at
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This is amazing! :wow: rvmp man id totally by lego kits if the did a collaboration with FF14 like this :D

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Could you elaborate on the hip joints? What kind of range do they have? (ballsocket? swivel?)

I want to say it's something involving these:……

Anyway, great shape.
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would love to see a bahamut version! keep up the amazing work!
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She's hot. This is a great MOC, mad props!
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I donno how you do this, but this is awesome.
keep up the good work.
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Thanks again for making this.
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Very graceful.
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She's not just a harpy, she's a Primal. a.k.a. God. She symbolizes Wind. 
There also Leviathan of Water, Ifrit of Fire, Ramuh of Thunder, Shiva of Ice and Titan of Earth. And also Odin and Bahamut as strongest Primals. 
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Ahh.  Thanks for the info.  I never played it so i had no idea. 
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i don't play FF much and i don't even know who this character is but i faved anyway as this is a great Lego replica.
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She's only from FFXI and XIV. 
Each Final Fantasy has a different world and story. 
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I saw this as an itty bitty thumbnail on my DeviantArt watch page. I don't think you realize how sublime it was to click for the hi-res version, muttering to myself as I realized, "Holy smokes, that's all made of lego."

Terrific work.
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Never played FFXIV, never seen before this Garuda monster/race/summon, but when I look at that piece of LEGOwork it leaves me amazed~!
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As always the level of scale you display with this medium makes me sickeningly jealous. Keep up the amazing work!
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As a Final Fantasy XIV player, I have to say that this is not only accurate, but also very well done!
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Dang, that's some impressive work.
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Just amazing.. I haven't fought her yet but I've seen screenshots and videos of her and this is spot on! Fanatastic work! Instant fav! =D +fav 
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Incredible work! I love how you can achieve anatomical shapes with the pieces!
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I haven't played any FF game, but I felt in love with this statue. Legs and head are sooooooooo beautiful. <3 Magnificent, dear! <3
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Never played FF either.  I only googled the images for my FF works.  I tried to be as accurate as I can to the pictures I saw.
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Well, as I have seen you indeed did a great job, dear <3
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