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Drew this for Rose, my best friend in the world, who is probably one of the most beautiful people I know (don't tell her I said that). :D She wanted to be in Transylvania or something, but I sort of ignored that and made her a random noble lady holding a glass of wine that... seems to defy gravity!! *gasp* But I gave her a sword to make up for the lack of vampires.

Anyway, most of the time was spent sketching this as opposed to coloring it, so. It's traditional, y'hear?

Much thanks to Rose for being so fun to draw. <3
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This picture has some many elements I enjoy, it's difficult to know where to start with my comments! The rosy coloring is fitting, of course, and the foofy overskirt (gawd, how I love bustles and whatnot) is awesome, and the sword, obviously, and the stripes. Mmm.
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see, it's like this - she's actually on a decline, and the picture is just tilted to make her vertical! thus, her "gravity defying" wine glass. oh my gosh I'm too smart for my own good. (kidding) wonderful picture, I love your style :3
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The coloring style on your last few works is awesome. So subtle and sophisticated, like. Great pose and composition, too. It's a beaut (too much time with car salesmen?).
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i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this one....i love the profile, i love the colour, i love the dress and everything!! *0*

im saving this one =D vv
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Ahh, I didn't comment on this before! And I love it, so I have no excuse! mm, dress is pretty. ^.^ So is hair, and hairthing. I envy all. And I continue to adore your style. :heart: Ubersnazzy. And remember, the best wine always defies gravity.
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What a beautiful outfit ^__^ I love the soft colours as well... and gravity defying wine rocks XO
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::envies your sketching skills:: I love nonchalont violence. As in, "Mmm, tasty wine! Now... who should I stab next?"

You rock.
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Why, surely you know I was inspired by you! Well, mostly, anyway. I couldn't help but draw a pretty dress and a sword after seeing your lovely awesome picture of Rethe.

Thank you! :D
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*peeves* Did you color her with markers? Because if you did..*sobs* You're too good with them.
And teh w!ne looks fine!
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Markers! Pah. I can't use them; wish I could. No, used lovely paint shop pro. Pooey colors.
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OO You can use markers!!!!! You use them so well! I went on this marker-rampage due to your usage!

Ahh. Yes. What technique did you use in paint shop?
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