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I had the hankering to watch some Firefly today, as it's been far too long since I watched it. I got inspired to draw some of the characters. :D
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Aghh this makes me so happy.
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Awe I love it!
I think I'm going
to watch some Firefly now,
it's been awhile!
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I saw Serenity before I saw Firefly ^^

It just happened that way. But I really liked the movie, so I watched the show. It was cool, but now its off tv. What the hell.

Kaylee was my fav. I love strawberries too. So this pic is like...delicious lol
pondie's avatar
i love kaylee! and i love that you added the strawberry. its so cute that she has a slight obsession with real food
agent57's avatar
Strawberries yay! This is so cute.
erin-richards's avatar
I blush to admit I don't know what Firefly is. 0-o

But I absolutely love this picture: her hair, her expression, her pose, her outfit, the colours --- completely awesome ^_^

~e *.]
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Aww! Thank you. :D You really need to watch Firefly. You NEED to. It's a show that played on Fox but got cancelled after only 13 episodes or some such. Then they made a movie, Serenity, so you should watch the show then the movie. Because they are the best things in the world. Sci fi western, anyone? :D
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Whoah, I was totally almost kidding when I gave them all a western theme. I guess your drawings must be some kind of awesome, that their western-ness came through ^__^

The extent of my experience with sci-fi westerns amounts to an episode of Star Trek TOS, and Westworld (a movie which I didn't appreciate at the time and haven't seen since).

But I will try to find the show and the movie! Thanks!

~e *.]
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Oh and the link I gave you is all streaming in flash, so it's kinda small... if you want better quality I suggest renting the episodes. :D
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Thanks so much! I've watched a couple minutes so far, and the atmosphere is lovely - it reminds me of the Stargate movie, or Soldier (the bits on the planet) ... or I guess even, like, Mad Max or something ... I love the warm colours and the rustic feel of the costumes etc. I'm going to watch more!

You're right though, it would be great to see them in higher res - I'll see if Blockbuster carries them!

Again, thanks!

~e *.]
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Yeah, I love it. The first episode is kinda long and takes a while to get going, but by the second or third episode you should be hooked. :D
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Yay, I've been searching the 'verse for Firefly art! ^.^ Lovely, as always.
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I love firefly! x3 Best TV show ever!

I like her pose is is really adorable, and the strawberry is a nice touch! :3
bardling's avatar
Very cute! I love how you captured her curves.
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These are awesome, and I'm gonna fav all of 'em. Just so you know.

Love the drape of her hair.
moth-eatn's avatar
I :heart: Kaylee. And the strawberry is a nice touch. Very signature Kaylee. :)
jazmynmoon's avatar
I love that show!!!!! I got to meet that actress...she was really short
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