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Cpt Crash and the Beauty Queen

Greg has been singing this Bon Jovi song to himself for the past few days, and the title is probably the most dorky title ever: "Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars." But then I had to draw it.

If you listen to the lyrics it's not at all like this picture, but... it's what popped into my head!

This is for Greg, because... he is the Captain Crash to my Beauty Queen from Mars. XD

(re the colors: I've been looking at :iconumbles:'s art too much lately...)
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I'm gonna be the biggest dork ever right now and say that honest to Richie Sambora, I love this.
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I love this, bay-bay! Really. You gotta send this to prints-ville.

How does greg get his collar to stand up like that?
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1. Do I have to pay to make a print? Will you buy it? I'm confused.

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No dude, you don't have to pay to put it into the store as a print. You just say, "Make it a print!" and it's a print. It's very easy. There's no guarantee that anyone will order a print, but maybe they will.

Good luck.
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I will now have to go listen to this song purely based on its awesome title.

Also: space!rollerskates and bright colurs ftw.
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Colors? In my Meg arts?

It's more likely than you think.
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Rollerskates! That made my day!
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