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Shooting Star Artist, designer, gamer and just cute sunny Shooting Star (Right)

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|| Languages: Russian (good) / English (medium) ||

I focus on MLPTwilight Sparkle (Run) and Furry stuffKawaii fox - original version . But I like so many fandoms, so I draw everything I like:heart: revamp

I mostly open for something creative - collaboration, trade, etc. Just write me here or use my e-mail. Sparkle Emoji Nyan :3

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Favourite Visual Artist
wlop, nendo, yakovlev-vad, mirroredsea, nowIsee and other
Favourite Movies
MLP, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Lilo and Stitch
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Metal, Rock, some folk, lo-fi, instrumental mostly (simple calm music)
Favourite Books
"The master and Margarita", "Alice in Wonderland"
Favourite Writers
Isaac Asimov, Kir Bulychev, Jack London
Favourite Games
Dark Souls, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Cry of Fear, Amnesia, Witcher, STALKER
Favourite Gaming Platform
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Hi, my friend! I ve-e-e-ery need money, so I open for any type commissions! I can draw: Furry, Pony, Fantasy creatures (including undead, demons, aliens and monsters), Robots, Cyborgs and etc. Type Arts: Icon or Banner for your page, just Art with your characters or Fan-Art for different theme as you want, Cutiemark, Reference sheet, little Animation or something else. Also I can make Custom character, Redesign your character, Ponyfication or Furryfication. NSFW artwork possible If you don't found what you want in this list - Just ask me! It's my examples - PORTRAIT HALF-BODY FULLBODY FCUTIEMARK
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Hey, guys, how about some ponyfications? Given me something and I'll try draw it in pony version! Feel free to join if you interested Info: Any things are accepted, except OC and memes I prefer to ponyficate inanimate objects and phenomena. For example: honey, thunderstorm, etc.
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I posted it on Twitter and this is what came out of it (also faw = + fact) "Funny facts" thread, yeah! I really don't like insects. ...*flamethrower clack-clack* I can play the piano and the guitar a little I want to do cosplay, but I'm shy.. I love crafting cute little things I like to sing when no one is around I like sunflowers and lilacs Once I met a guy from my night-dreams (now it would be called a soulmate I think) I have a plush SCP 131 My favorite quote is "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten" I suffered a rape I can list more than 5 items that I was hit with I would never want to go back to my past Favorite movie - "I Am Legend" Favorite book - ..(there are too many of them) A few of them - "The Master and Margarita", "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice's Adventures"(Kir Bulychev) Favourite Writers - Isaac Asimov, Kir Bulychev, Jack London Favourite Single-player Games - Dark Souls, Dead Space
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Well, I decided to open up for art-trade for a while =w=" You can write to me if you are interested~
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Better late than too early, so I want to wish you all the best this year. Technically, a year is just a number that won't change anything for us. And it all depends on how we change ourselves... ...I want to wish you good health, because this is too relevant in a situation that has not changed in the new year. I want to wish you strength, both mental and physical, we lost a lot last year... ...I want to wish you so that you shine, love, do not give up and believe in a miracle. Whatever happens, it is worth believing in a miracle and doing these miracles yourself. If you once want to give up, remember that I still believe in you. Everyone deserves to be happy, and so do you, don't forget... ...Listen to music, read books, play new games. And don't forget about me - your little artist, who want be something more. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, friends! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Elis With
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Hi I'm Snoopy7c7 and I recently come across your art and really think it looks great! I'd like to offer you an art role for my audio drama, it tells the tale of the reunion of Princess Celestia and her long lost love Mirror King Sombra. If you wanna know more or are interested, let me know so we could chat!

обоже, увидел классного артера и такой*хм, подпишусь* , захожу на вашу страницу и вижу арт с русскими словами ,и тут я всё осознаю , почему-то мне стало попадаться много крутых русскоязычных артеров:_D

Рад что тебе нравятся мои работы :з

Hmmm I can't find your price list for commissions^^'

I absolutely love your art! 💜