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What I've been wasting my time with

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XD ...

I don't know what happened, but I found myself secretly working on a pony datesim where you play as a stallion and can date one of the mane six.

...I am very nearly finished with Pinkie and Twilight's sprites. Each sprite has four poses and several faial expressions per pose. ...I also made a sprite for Derpy but she probably won't be dateable unless I find myself with a lot of free time for no reason.

The background is one of the default backgrounds in Novelty.

...I made this because I found out that there exists no My Little Pony datesim that isn't totally perverted. ...Now let's cross our fingers and hope that I can actually finish something. ._.
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dbkitHobbyist Digital Artist
i'd be nervous too, Twilight.
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LOL I tried making a game in novelty but I didn't know where to put it and it came out as a pic. of the cover :,( how do you put it on deviantart?? but I want to play this game X3 it looks AWSOME!!!!


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.... Now please finish it...
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RetayaHobbyist General Artist
;A; Okay... I shall try...
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LauriiButtStudent Digital Artist
are you done with it?
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Pinkie breaking the fourth wall... that's brilliant. :D
Looking forward to it.
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how far in are you?
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RetayaHobbyist General Artist
Still working mostly on the character sprites and backgrounds. ^^;
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well... at leasts Thats the hardest part in novelty, the rest is actually pretty easy!... of course, that may be because i'm a bad artist :P
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RetayaHobbyist General Artist
XD No, it's definately the hardest part. It's the most tedious part. The rest is all about writing and plot twists and fun things. ...I like drawing, but I don't like making actors and backgrounds. oAo;
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ok, for a second i thought it was because i'm not really a good artist.
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That is so very Pinkie
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A clean pony date sim?
I shall do as the description says and cross my fingers for you.

On another note, are you programming this from scratch, or using some existing program that's meant for designing sim things like this?
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RetayaHobbyist General Artist
I'm using a program called Novelty, which allows for a lot of creativity while also doing a lot of the tedius codeing for you. ...It's a bit like Ren'py for dummys like me. XD

The background and dialogue-box are both defaults that came with the game that I hope to change. Only the Twilight and Pinkie were made by me.
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