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The Seniors Mentoring Project officially relaunched last week, and is now accepting new mentees.

The Seniors Mentoring Project is geared towards artists on dA who would like to better their skills and become a more educated artist. Senior Members of dA (the mentors) work with mentees (people who are getting mentored) on a one-on-one basis to answer any questions they may have, and help them improve their artwork all together.

If you find a mentor you work well with, the relationship can have huge benefits in pushing your art forward. Having someone dedicated to giving you feedback and advice, working one to one, is very different from a tutorial in that it can provide pinpointed personalized help just where you need it most. The SMP works to harness some of the the human resources we have at dA, and partner artists to share knowledge. The mentors cover the spectrum of disciplines at dA so whatever your medium of choice is, there should be someone able to help you.

Many members of the admin crew here at Resurgere happen to be Senior Members, and several of us have joined seniormentors. Maybe you'll end up being mentored by one of us!

It would be best to apply soon, before all the mentors have taken pupils, but take your time filling out the application! The art and description you send when applying is what all the mentors will use to decide if they want to take you on or not, so make it good!

You should also visit seniormentors's F.A.Q. page and learn more about the project before you apply.

Critique Chat Event

Each month seniormentors will be holding a Critique Event in the #seniors chatroom.

The first one will be held on February 6th (a Saturday!) at 1PM Eastern Standard Time (Find Your Local Time Here). Each following event will be held on the first Saturday of each month.

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Charlene-Art's avatar
Hmm, thanks for the head's up.
AimerLaLimite's avatar
that would be great but i don't have a way of even scanning my best artwork to share so my mentor wouldn't be able to see how they helped me. :\ working on buying a scanner

this is a great oppurtunity
0-dot-0's avatar
can't you tale pictures of your art with a camera (for now)?
AimerLaLimite's avatar
i have friends with cameras my camera is my cell phone ^.^ my mom has a very small scanner which has decent quality (which she just got) so I am going to try and get some of my stuff up.
0-dot-0's avatar
neat gallery (mine is pretty empty)
wroth's avatar
I am sure the project will still be going strong by the time you get your scanner and you can try joining then :thumbsup:
AimerLaLimite's avatar
sounds like a plan
thanks for the encouragement
Garsondee's avatar
Wonderful! It's this sort of activity that raises Deviantart above and beyond!
hrtlsangel's avatar
I love this idea! I've always had a secret dream to have a mentor to guide me in my art. :blowkiss:
K-lenx's avatar
It's gonna be interesting. How do I apply? :woohoo:
wroth's avatar
Their page here explains, [link]
K-lenx's avatar
Yup I just figured it out, but thanks for replying!
Sin-of-August's avatar
I can't seems to find the application the journal mentions.
wroth's avatar
Ah the 'Apply now' line in this journal is a link, to [link] that should explain how to apply
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