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Collection Index;

Finding a individual item in the Resurgere gallery can be difficult, because the gallery is large and searching by keyword is not always accurate enough. So large that we have had to break the journal into five parts, but the links span these parts. This Collection Index should make finding a specific package easier. The packages are first grouped by series in an alphabetical order, then within each group the packages are listed by number in descending order. A link leads from each package on the list to the deviation.

Upgrade; We have a fancypants new list for the move to package section, hold your mouse over the package name and a thumbnail should show up. This means people that want the thumbnail can see it, and also the people that do not want to wait for a full load can just use the text and skip along. A lot of thanks/props to nichtgraveyet who gave the instruction needed to build the new list thumb system here.

Only packages are listed, not standalone images. We will make an effort to keep this index up to date but there may very likely be small gaps.

Update Aug 2007: kobrakaan has graciously done the work of calculating the Resurgere gallery has 248 packages containing 2826 images. Every 4.5 days Resurgere uploads a new deviation, usually a package which contain on average 11.3 images; so on an approximate average that means we have contributed 2 images a day to the resource section since July 2003... Who loves you?... Anyone who wants to update these numbers will get a shoutout here and our thanks.

Move to Letter;

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, V, W, X,Z

Broswe Sections;

Move to Series;

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you have the best stock in DA for sure :D
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this is awsome! I love everytihg you do! Keep it up.
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I really appreciate your collective work. Keep it up!
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That's such a great idea. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned sooner!
Nice one guys/gals. This makes it a whole lot easier to find the stocks we love!
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:thanks: We are sorry we hate to break it up into parts, it looks really sweet all in one post, but DA limits us to about 70000 letters per-journal and we are using a lot more then that :) Happy that you like it though.
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