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Resurgere is not an individual person. Resurgere is a team, a group, a collective endeavor. Not only Resurgere's resources but Resurgere itself is the product of the efforts of its members.

Each resource item at Resurgere was produced by an individual, a producer, who decided to share his or her resources with the public through this group. These individual artists have diverse skills, styles, and background but are all able to produce high quality inventive stock that is apt for our gallery to share. And, they are generous enough to share it with everyone.

A list of our current main admins* is on display on the About Us page, and searchable at the top of the page. [*some are currently missing as we convert the group and build up the list to include all our members]...

As of September '09 the guests and members class were merged, so now there are just two admin classes: Legion Members, and Curators [including the Founding Curator].

Here is an explanation of the roles at Resurgere

Any fan, visitor

Even without joining the group any dA user can get in involved with Resurgere. We give you the ability to directly submit resource you find on dA to our fav Collections, so that we can help promote those resources.

For more information on this class and how you can get involved, please read this.

The public has the privileges to contribute favs to Resurgere [subject to approval], but can not view the members only pages or submit deviations.

Resource Hunters

Anyone is welcome to join the group at the initial level of Resource Hunter. Join requests to this class are automatically approved. Resource Hunters have essentially the same privileges as any other visitor however they get access to tools that make it much simpler to suggest favs.

Deviantart refers to the initial level of association with a group as 'Members', which is how they are listed here at our group, this is not to be confused with 'Legion Members'. Legion Members can contribute to Resurgere's gallery, Resource Hunters cannot.

This class is open to the public, Resource Hunters have the privileges to contribute favs to Resurgere [subject to approval], but can not view the members only pages or submit deviations.

Legion Members

Members are enlisted in the Legion after going through an approval process with Resurgere. Resurgere only distributes the resources which approved members produce, the popularity of the group helps to promote these resources and get them in the hands of as many artists as possible.

These members are the back bone of the group and their activity largely dictates how active Resurgere is. Working together they contribute to making Resurgere stronger, a strength which is in turn used to help spread their resources further.

For more information on the Legion and how you can join please read this.

This class is closed to the public, joining is subject to approval on an individual basis. Members have the privileges to contribute favs and deviations to Resurgere [subject to approval], and view the members only pages.


Curating members act as administrators at Resurgere. In addition to producing stock  like other Legion Members, Curators also manage all aspects of the group. As you might imagine there is a large administrative burden involved in running a project as big as Resurgere, the Curators work together to keep things on track and moving forward.

Some details on each Curator's role,

wroth ; Founded the account Jul 20, 2003. Resurgere started as a personal stock account like any other you would find at dA, growing one page-view and one watcher at a time. Until Jan 18, 2004, when Wroth converted the account to a group project. Contributes stock and plays a major role in most areas of the group, and he administrates membership.

dholms ; Joined Resurgere Jan, 2004. Contributes great stock and is our team cheerleader.

insaneone ; Joined Resurgere Jan, 2004. Contributes stock and uses his outstanding people skills and connections to help recruit new talent to the legion. Also helps a lot with the resource submission process.

fangedfem ;  Joined Resurgere Jun, 2004. Contributes stock and is there to help out in other ways when needed. Helps tremendously with any Print issues the group encounters. She is primarily tasked with "looking good".

snowunmasked ; Joined Resurgere 2008. She is our Public Relations Officer. She tirelessly runs our inbox and message center responding to your comments and messages, providing help and advice to all our fans and making sure Resurgere gives a friendly and professional response to all our fan interactions.

This class is closed to the public. Curators have the privileges to contribute favs and deviations to Resurgere [auto approved], and the privileges to vote on the approval or denial of fav and deviations contributions, and view the members only pages.

Former Members

As part of Resurgere's history, members that have parted ways with the team are just as responsible for Resurgere's success as its current members. Many of them had joined Resurgere at its infancy, and without their support at such an early stage, Resurgere would never have matured into the group it is today:

lethifer EllenStock tertuliastock nemmy-stock bstocked bleedz

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GothPhsychoGirl's avatar
I have a question who owns Resurgere?
wroth's avatar
I would not think of it in terms of 'own', but the other curators and myself all run it.
GothPhsychoGirl's avatar
cool BTW When you answered my reply it was my birthday that day sorry for the long delay. And oh can i use you stocks soon?
wonderfull stock,i look forward to working with some of the images,
thank you for providing such wonderfull collection
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Excellent stock, and teamwork:hug:
resurgere's avatar

Public Relations Officer
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Since my art relies heavily on resources, especially stock, I bow down to all of you. :bow: Maybe someday I'll get off my ass and start contributing :)
resurgere's avatar
Looking forward to that day then man :salute:
aogfx's avatar
Oh, it will come. It. Will. Come. :plotting:
aimingforlogical's avatar
:thumbsup: to whoever wrote this... very enjoyable...
resurgere's avatar
:laughing: That would be :iconwroth: who is tasked with all the text around here
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i spend a good part of my day perusing your gallery...thx so much!
stock-devil-breath's avatar
a wonderful selection of incredible images
resurgere's avatar
Cool I will look the note over when I have some time.

I was hoping that people would comment here not note their recommendations so that all suggestions would be public — then even if we decided not use a suggestion in our list, it would be here and readers could scroll down to see reviews and links. Giving a wider range of opinions then just what we filtered onto the list.
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Gotcha, I only used a note because...for whatever possessed me for that seemed like a good idea. 0.o Take your time. :)
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You have no suggestions people??
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