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This update is for those people interesting in getting some features and support from Resurgere, read below for instructions and information.


Resurgere has always received a lot of affiliation requests, and particularly since dA Groups went into beta we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of those requests. We feel it was time we addressed the issue in a journal to state our stance, to avoid having to answer so many requests indivdially in notes.

We have never officially affiliated with any other group and do not plan to in the foreseeable future. Even though we have strong loyalties to certain other projects and do feature them often, it does not mean we are "affiliated". The concept of affiliation has been cheapened by too many people using it simply as a way to trade links and generate traffic and nothing more. That is why we reject the term, so if you are asking for "affiliation" the answer is 'no'.

I do not believe in link trading. I think: if there is a person/project which I feel I should link to I will do so whether or not I get a link back, and I do not expect or want a link back 'just because' I linked to them. And I hope the people who respect Resurgere and think they can support us, will link back to us whether they receive a return link or not. That is a model for supporting each other in good faith and for the right reasons, that is what Resurgere is interested in. So we will not "affiliate" with anyone, but we still do want to support others.

We are in the middle of re-designing our profile page at it is a work in progress at the moment but have a look. As you can see right now about half the page space is focused on Resurgere's work, while the other half is given to feature other stock producers and outside projects.

The 'Links...' area of the page is the area in which we will link to other groups & projects. We are still considering what the best design for this area is and how to feature many groups effectively, but the function of the area will be to link to other groups and projects that we support. We may also support some projects through other avenues like journal entries, etc.

Before we are able to feature a good project we need to know about it, so we are inviting you to tell us about any projects you run/repect and think could use our support. Comment on this journal telling us why we should support you.

We are not interested in supporting every kind of project out there, so we are going to give a quick list of the top three kinds of projects we are interested in supporting and top three kinds that we are not.

We are interested in...

Charity projects

Projects where people come together to donate their time, energy, art, or money to a worthy cause. Ie, ArtistsForCharity seniormentors

Outreach projects

Projects which use dA as a platform to support each other in areas of critical importance. Ie, ItDoesNotHaveMe wesurvived

Community strengthening projects

Projects which make dA or the wider artistic community a better place by educating, engaging, and empowering us all. Ie, iterators dA-ArtJam StockandResources

We aren't interested in...

Art Groups

As a general rule groups centered on supporting the art of their gallery and own members; will not be included in our Links area. I.e., "dark photomanips group", "macro photography group", these sorts of projects. Raster is an exception, and there may be others in future.

Other stock producers

Groups or individuals who produce stock and resources will be supported by our Faves on a resource by resource basis; because they are already getting support they will not be included in our Links area. PrintsForLit is an exception, since it is a specific community strengthening and charity effort.

Groups with no common interests to us

Groups focused on devmeets, a specific geographic region, tv shows, or anything thing we don't consider charity / community / art centric; will not be included in our Links area.

In closing...

Each project will be judged on it's own merits not on the lists above, but they do provide a general guide to who should and should not apply.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and expanding the amount of projects we are featuring. :aww:

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I think I will give it a try!!!

We =ninaste and myself would like to introduce you to our very interesting deviant art related project #dArtzine

:star: :icondartzine: :star:

This is an independent art's webzine that focuses in original work created by the deviant art member's community. In our webzine we make interviews, write articles, give critiques and interact with our watchers.

Check out our latest issues:

:bulletpink: DARTZINE FIRST ISSUE :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: DARTZINE SECOND ISSUE :bulletpink:

And if you are interested to see what the project is about without having to download the DA version then just view the two latest issues at ISSUU if you have time, you won’t regret this.

:bulletpink: Dartzine 1st Issue February 2010 :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Dartzine 2nd Issue February 2010 :bulletpink:

Regards and thanks for reading :heart:

Derzi! :cookie:
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.that is understandable :)
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Hopefully this stops the incoming notes :)
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Resurgere group is one of the best here at Deviantart, in my opinion and the above statement was well written.

Thank You for the use of Your stock,
wroth's avatar
I am glad people seem to understand were we are coming from, thanks :thumbsup:
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I think your stance on Affiliation is very well thought out and I can appreciate the honesty of it. After all, what is the worth of a link if it is irrelevant to you? Otherwise it is merely spamming.

I run a project which targets a niche of the stock community which produces Couples stock, a very specific type of stock which I have always found difficult to find as far as high quality, emotional, and useful poses. Our aim is to bring stock artists with access to couples together with those who are in need of these specific types of poses.

We run a request journal where our Members can read and post links or create new stock based on these requests. We provide a varied amount of sorted subjects, from feuding Couples to fetish Couples to romantic Couples and beyond! We also offer community challenges to produce stock to fill the vacuum of poses which we find lacking. We also hope to fuel the creation of quality stock and garner community involvement with continued themed contests and challenges.

Our name is :iconromancing-the-stock:.

As a stock resource and project meant to bring together different parts of the community, I thought it might be of interest to you! :)
wroth's avatar
It's always good to see group which support stock niches. :nod: I think it would be better to support that stock's producers through our favs, to support the members rather than the group itself.

When I went by your galleries though, a lot of the content was in the Photography section not in Stock so we can't fav it...
themuseslibrary's avatar
The submissions that are in the Portraits category are from a single member who has submitted his work in full knowledge that it will be used as stock per being part of the Group's galleries. They have been informed as such so I imagine you can fave it. However, anything else that is not by this particular member (~smile-and-cry) that has been submitted thus far is in the Stock category.:nod:

We were formed only in the past month so our Group is still growing every day.:) Thanks for taking a look!
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you've got great standings and they're muchly appreciable and understandable :)
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I'm not sure where my group would fit in because yes it's about art but it isn't exactly about the art itself but the artist mostly. #The-Art-Of-Dare is a group where artists of all kinds can basically come together and be challenged so that they gain a more personalized art style way different from anyone elses. I put challenges for people so they can do what they don't usually do and that way they not only advance in their art but they also may find a new style that they never tried but will in the future. So although it is about art, I generally made like a place where people can come together and stop producing the cliche art you see everywhere, but instead will gain knowledge and their own style that people might even one day recognize.

There's not many people in it really but I'm determined to help people step away from copying the more popular artists on here and truly find their own style in the art world so that they can have a better chance at getting jobs or whatever they seek with a style of their own.

So like I said, I'm not sure where exactly my group fits in because even though it's about art, it still is about helping people.
wroth's avatar
Always good to get artists to push themselves :thumbsup: But the group is not old enough or big enough to judge for an endorsement yet... I'll come back to your comment here in a few months and see how active and how well attended the group is at that time.
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The group #done-enough aims to create a community of generous and helpful deviants, by making it easier and more fun to be helpful. We have a frequently updated (though not complete) list of groups in need of staff or volunteers and we are running a contest at the moment, whose theme is 'coping after a natural disaster'. We intend to have monthly contests with different causes as themes, to create lots of tutorials, and to encourage constructive criticism and generous acts.
I'm not sure if this falls very neatly under any of the categories listed above, but maybe you'll be interested anyway. :)
wroth's avatar
I think the issue is that your group is not old enough for me to judge right now, I can't really decide whether or not to endorse a group only weeks old. :ohnoes: I'd like to see how it goes as you built up your activities, you have an interesting mission but rolling that out into an effective group is always the real test. I'll come back to your comment here in a few months and see how active and how well attended the group is at that time.
Orricane's avatar
Alright. :) I'm glad it interested you. I'll be doing all I can to have an active, thriving group for you to come back to. :nod:
phoenixleo's avatar
That is understandable :nod: and well said :)
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