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The purpose of resource hunting in our case is to use some of Resurgere's popularity to promote stock from other dA stock artists. We are going to turn to the wider stock using and stock producing community at dA and ask them to help promote and share great resources from the around dA.

The idea behind this of course is that many many users out hunting down good stock and bringing what they find back to us, is going to get us the best results and turn up a lot of resources we would have missed if only Resurgere admins were looking to feature work. :nod:

At the time of this update we have had over 700 people join us as Resource Hunters! Compared to the number of people the amount of submissions has been pretty few though. Most people suggest their own stock, which is just fine. But if you are going to suggest several of your own resources, we would appreciate it if you also suggest some resource made by other artists to even that out so that you are not only suggesting yourself. Share the love!... Also we'd like to remind you that our open fav collections are all meant to be for highlighting resources only, we have a lot of people submitting artwork items that are not given as stock and those submissions will not be approved...

Suggested Faves

Ayot 1
Wall 3

made by;
made by;
made by;

suggested by;
suggested by;
suggested by;

May 2006b
The Great Wall
Stock 117


made by;
made by;
made by;

suggested by;
suggested by;
suggested by;

More big changes to explain in how our resource hunting project works compared to how we have done it, updating you all on it now;

Deviantart had decided to remove the 'Groupie' position in Groups, this is the class between full member and watcher that we were letting people join as Resource Hunters. But after a brief while without it, they introduced a 'Members' class which is practically identical to Groupies filling the space between full members and watchers... It is real inconvenient to have all this sort of back and forth but it's all part of testing, hopefully it results in the best end product.

Everyone that had joined Resurgere as a Groupie before has been automatically moved into this new 'Member' class by dA, and we have re-opened it to the public so anyone can join if they want to. We are still going to give the same fav suggestion privileges to any deviant even if they don't join, - but if you do join you will get some perks.

The 'Member' class is something we can not officially rename where it is displayed on our group, but we consider it 'Resource Hunters'. Everyone should be mindful that there is a difference between a 'Member' [a Resource Hunter] and a 'Legion Member'. Legion Members can post stock to our gallery, Members only are able to submit favs. More details on our roles can be read at our About Us page. To get information on how to join the Legion if that is what you are after, you can read this resurgere.deviantart.com/blog/…

So here is how to send us a deviation to add to our favs, some of these graphics might be a little different then what you see as the group interface keeps changing but the system is pretty much the same,

Go to Resurgere's Favs page, resurgere.deviantart.com/favou… , or any collection and click the "Send a Favorite". You can check out other stock people suggested while you are there, ;)

After you click that button an interface will launch to guide you through the process of picking a fav to send to use.

First select the Resurgere collection you want to put your fav in, "Choose a deviation to submit to: [ collection ]". In the pop up, you should be-able to select Stock, Textures, Tutorials, and Resources [for things like brushes etc] collections. Please carefully select the collection that matches the type of deviation you are submitting for a fav!

Choose the appropriate collection or risk suggestion denial! :(

Once you select the collection, you can pick the deviation to suggest in the lower area of the interface which should be self explanatory. Basically you pick from all of dA, your own Favs, or your own Gallery and search in anyone of those areas for something to submit. Click on the dev you want, click OK, and you are done.

You might also see a 'suggest a fav' button on our Home page if you have joined us.

We are looking for any stock you find to be high quality and useful. You can suggest your own if you wish. For now it would be nice if you were very selective and only sent the best of the best stock you find.

Once you recommend something, your suggestion will be held to a Curator vote to see if it will be declined or accepted. We have a lot of things that are submitted that are not resources for example, or that don't stand out enough to approve, so we can't auto approve everything. Not everything you send will be approved, but don't get discouraged and keep the suggestions coming.

For now we are just collecting them, and we have been tweeting some of these on our twitter account. We have quite a lot of watchers and if we get enough suggestions I would really like to do a series of news articles here to bring your suggestions to everyones' attention. So hopefully things develop so that we can pass some major exposure onto the suggestions we get.

We will keep this journal uptodate as the process evolves :) Now, go out and find us some gems!

And btw, we have to admit that we have stolen the 'resource hunters' name from the luvely, fluffy, glittering znow-white. You should all check out her Resourcefully Yours "Show and Tell" news series if you are looking for new stock to use, there are already elven articles in the series.

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axcelia's avatar
Sorry for the huge influx of stock suggestions I just cleared my inbox out and there was a lot of good stock hiding in there... if it's too much just delete the suggestions and if it makes you feel any better I had about 10 times that amount in my inbox >_< I must clear it out more often.
Oden36's avatar
I think I can help out with that! :+fav: stock! Here it comes! :D
axcelia's avatar
Went through my stock favs folder and suggested a few for the group also suggested a couple of my own but the majority is other people's stock art. Hope that makes you happy hehe :D
wroth's avatar
Sorting through those suggestions now.

Thank you for all your fave suggestions supporting so many resource providers :rose: Most people only submit their own work, it is refreshing to see altruism like yours!
axcelia's avatar
Just Hope I'm helping and not flooding you with suggestions hehe :D.

I tend to search for references a lot while working on my art so i figured I might as well pass the links onto you guys while I'm at it :)
wroth's avatar
Yes it helps. We won't approve everything we get of course but still there are some good things coming through you from stock producers I've never heard of before :aww:
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1Fenix1's avatar
Thank you very much friend for sharing.

Hevisits my DeviantART please and comments on the works that I throw that you like (If you wish it put it in favorites). Thank you for your attention and your time.
Funerium's avatar
Just suggested some favs before reading the update on this entry, good thing to know that the problem is not in my end.

Oh, and also I´ve been getting a few of those suggested favourites to my inbox to vote, but I get a box telling that I don´t have the proper permissions to vote on the matter. Worked fine with a few earlier suggestions, but now something seems to be broken.
wroth's avatar
All of that is due to this bug, yes :( It resets the voting structure which are part of permissions. It's causing havoc across a lot of groups atm... Hopefully they figure it out soon.

Got an email almost ready to send you right now, if not tonight than tomorrow :thumbsup:
Funerium's avatar
Ya, got the files, I´ll check the stuff out I have over the weekend, there might be one or two pieces I´m possibly throwing away and making better ones, but should be submitting the whole pack at some point next week, wednesday-thursday maybe. I´ll note you afterwards too, and before if I happen to have any stupid questions or problems. :peace:
Kibikayuki's avatar
I think some good stock to promote would be some fractal stock. A majority of the fractal artists that create fractal stocks aren't very well known! (Just a suggestions...) :)
wroth's avatar
When the glitch is resolved [which at the moment makes it hit or miss if you will be able to see the options to submit favs] you can send some fractal stock that you think is work faving :) We've faved some over the years I am sure, and have some in our gallery as well
Kibikayuki's avatar
Awesome! I'll be sure to send some good fractal resources your way. :)
AimerLaLimite's avatar
i can't seem to read this entry...
just get a picture of what looks like to be the top of a crest with a mythical type bird (can't remember name of it)
wroth's avatar
Looks fine for me :o What browser are you using?
AimerLaLimite's avatar
internet explorer
wroth's avatar
Hmm IE is notoriously prone to errors especially older versions, perhaps trying to view this page in Firefox would solve the problem?

Our customization coding is straight forward and should not result in any error as major as the one you are seeing, and I see it fine, so I hope it's just a browser specific error. If you try it in firefox and still can not see the content I could Note you the content of the journal if you would like.
AimerLaLimite's avatar
still can't see it through IE but I don't have firefox on this computer. noting it would be a great help. sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks again
Taboon1's avatar
looks great! it'll be good to be able to finally send favs to you all. like you mentioned, there are some very good stocker out there...
Ummm... when did we have badges? XD
alexandrasalas's avatar
It's good to know the option to suggest favourites is still open. So no big loss there, quite the opposite now that it's open to anyone. :D
radioPooh's avatar
big fan

you gave me hell as gd of stock

i think i brough art to stock .. i fought a good battle - ( me and sandi to be honest )

now stock - is considered art - you where part of all that
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