Concerning Affiliation,

Fri Jan 29, 2010, 5:57 PM by wroth:iconwroth:

This update is for those people interesting in getting some features and support from Resurgere, read below for instructions and information.


Resurgere has always received a lot of affiliation requests, and particularly since dA Groups went into beta we have seen a sharp increase in the amount of those requests. We feel it was time we addressed the issue in a journal to state our stance, to avoid having to answer so many requests indivdially in notes.

We have never officially affiliated with any other group and do not plan to in the foreseeable future. Even though we have strong loyalties to certain other projects and do feature them often, it does not mean we are "affiliated". The concept of affiliation has been cheapened by too many people using it simply as a way to trade links and generate traffic and nothing more. That is why we reject the term, so if you are asking for "affiliation" the answer is 'no'.

I do not believe in link trading. I think: if there is a person/project which I feel I should link to I will do so whether or not I get a link back, and I do not expect or want a link back 'just because' I linked to them. And I hope the people who respect Resurgere and think they can support us, will link back to us whether they receive a return link or not. That is a model for supporting each other in good faith and for the right reasons, that is what Resurgere is interested in. So we will not "affiliate" with anyone, but we still do want to support others.

We are in the middle of re-designing our profile page at it is a work in progress at the moment but have a look. As you can see right now about half the page space is focused on Resurgere's work, while the other half is given to feature other stock producers and outside projects.

The 'Links...' area of the page is the area in which we will link to other groups & projects. We are still considering what the best design for this area is and how to feature many groups effectively, but the function of the area will be to link to other groups and projects that we support. We may also support some projects through other avenues like journal entries, etc.

Before we are able to feature a good project we need to know about it, so we are inviting you to tell us about any projects you run/repect and think could use our support. Comment on this journal telling us why we should support you.

We are not interested in supporting every kind of project out there, so we are going to give a quick list of the top three kinds of projects we are interested in supporting and top three kinds that we are not.

We are interested in...

Charity projects

Projects where people come together to donate their time, energy, art, or money to a worthy cause. Ie, ArtistsForCharity seniormentors

Outreach projects

Projects which use dA as a platform to support each other in areas of critical importance. Ie, ItDoesNotHaveMe wesurvived

Community strengthening projects

Projects which make dA or the wider artistic community a better place by educating, engaging, and empowering us all. Ie, iterators dA-ArtJam StockandResources

We aren't interested in...

Art Groups

As a general rule groups centered on supporting the art of their gallery and own members; will not be included in our Links area. I.e., "dark photomanips group", "macro photography group", these sorts of projects. Raster is an exception, and there may be others in future.

Other stock producers

Groups or individuals who produce stock and resources will be supported by our Faves on a resource by resource basis; because they are already getting support they will not be included in our Links area. PrintsForLit is an exception, since it is a specific community strengthening and charity effort.

Groups with no common interests to us

Groups focused on devmeets, a specific geographic region, tv shows, or anything thing we don't consider charity / community / art centric; will not be included in our Links area.

In closing...

Each project will be judged on it's own merits not on the lists above, but they do provide a general guide to who should and should not apply.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and expanding the amount of projects we are featuring. :aww:

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Sat Jan 23, 2010, 7:04 PM by wroth:iconwroth:

The Seniors Mentoring Project officially relaunched last week, and is now accepting new mentees.

The Seniors Mentoring Project is geared towards artists on dA who would like to better their skills and become a more educated artist. Senior Members of dA (the mentors) work with mentees (people who are getting mentored) on a one-on-one basis to answer any questions they may have, and help them improve their artwork all together.

If you find a mentor you work well with, the relationship can have huge benefits in pushing your art forward. Having someone dedicated to giving you feedback and advice, working one to one, is very different from a tutorial in that it can provide pinpointed personalized help just where you need it most. The SMP works to harness some of the the human resources we have at dA, and partner artists to share knowledge. The mentors cover the spectrum of disciplines at dA so whatever your medium of choice is, there should be someone able to help you.

Many members of the admin crew here at Resurgere happen to be Senior Members, and several of us have joined seniormentors. Maybe you'll end up being mentored by one of us!

It would be best to apply soon, before all the mentors have taken pupils, but take your time filling out the application! The art and description you send when applying is what all the mentors will use to decide if they want to take you on or not, so make it good!

You should also visit seniormentors's F.A.Q. page and learn more about the project before you apply.

Critique Chat Event

Each month seniormentors will be holding a Critique Event in the #seniors chatroom.

The first one will be held on February 6th (a Saturday!) at 1PM Eastern Standard Time (Find Your Local Time Here). Each following event will be held on the first Saturday of each month.

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About Resource Hunting,

Thu Sep 3, 2009, 4:22 PM by wroth:iconwroth:

The purpose of resource hunting in our case is to use some of Resurgere's popularity to promote stock from other dA stock artists. We are going to turn to the wider stock using and stock producing community at dA and ask them to help promote and share great resources from the around dA.

The idea behind this of course is that many many users out hunting down good stock and bringing what they find back to us, is going to get us the best results and turn up a lot of resources we would have missed if only Resurgere admins were looking to feature work. :nod:

At the time of this update we have had over 700 people join us as Resource Hunters! Compared to the number of people the amount of submissions has been pretty few though. Most people suggest their own stock, which is just fine. But if you are going to suggest several of your own resources, we would appreciate it if you also suggest some resource made by other artists to even that out so that you are not only suggesting yourself. Share the love!... Also we'd like to remind you that our open fav collections are all meant to be for highlighting resources only, we have a lot of people submitting artwork items that are not given as stock and those submissions will not be approved...

Suggested Faves

Ayot 1
Wall 3

made by;
made by;
made by;

suggested by;
suggested by;
suggested by;

May 2006b
The Great Wall
Stock 117


made by;
made by;
made by;

suggested by;
suggested by;
suggested by;

More big changes to explain in how our resource hunting project works compared to how we have done it, updating you all on it now;

Deviantart had decided to remove the 'Groupie' position in Groups, this is the class between full member and watcher that we were letting people join as Resource Hunters. But after a brief while without it, they introduced a 'Members' class which is practically identical to Groupies filling the space between full members and watchers... It is real inconvenient to have all this sort of back and forth but it's all part of testing, hopefully it results in the best end product.

Everyone that had joined Resurgere as a Groupie before has been automatically moved into this new 'Member' class by dA, and we have re-opened it to the public so anyone can join if they want to. We are still going to give the same fav suggestion privileges to any deviant even if they don't join, - but if you do join you will get some perks.

The 'Member' class is something we can not officially rename where it is displayed on our group, but we consider it 'Resource Hunters'. Everyone should be mindful that there is a difference between a 'Member' [a Resource Hunter] and a 'Legion Member'. Legion Members can post stock to our gallery, Members only are able to submit favs. More details on our roles can be read at our About Us page. To get information on how to join the Legion if that is what you are after, you can read this…

So here is how to send us a deviation to add to our favs, some of these graphics might be a little different then what you see as the group interface keeps changing but the system is pretty much the same,

Go to Resurgere's Favs page,… , or any collection and click the "Send a Favorite". You can check out other stock people suggested while you are there, ;)

After you click that button an interface will launch to guide you through the process of picking a fav to send to use.

First select the Resurgere collection you want to put your fav in, "Choose a deviation to submit to: [ collection ]". In the pop up, you should be-able to select Stock, Textures, Tutorials, and Resources [for things like brushes etc] collections. Please carefully select the collection that matches the type of deviation you are submitting for a fav!

Choose the appropriate collection or risk suggestion denial! :(

Once you select the collection, you can pick the deviation to suggest in the lower area of the interface which should be self explanatory. Basically you pick from all of dA, your own Favs, or your own Gallery and search in anyone of those areas for something to submit. Click on the dev you want, click OK, and you are done.

You might also see a 'suggest a fav' button on our Home page if you have joined us.

We are looking for any stock you find to be high quality and useful. You can suggest your own if you wish. For now it would be nice if you were very selective and only sent the best of the best stock you find.

Once you recommend something, your suggestion will be held to a Curator vote to see if it will be declined or accepted. We have a lot of things that are submitted that are not resources for example, or that don't stand out enough to approve, so we can't auto approve everything. Not everything you send will be approved, but don't get discouraged and keep the suggestions coming.

For now we are just collecting them, and we have been tweeting some of these on our twitter account. We have quite a lot of watchers and if we get enough suggestions I would really like to do a series of news articles here to bring your suggestions to everyones' attention. So hopefully things develop so that we can pass some major exposure onto the suggestions we get.

We will keep this journal uptodate as the process evolves :) Now, go out and find us some gems!

And btw, we have to admit that we have stolen the 'resource hunters' name from the luvely, fluffy, glittering znow-white. You should all check out her Resourcefully Yours "Show and Tell" news series if you are looking for new stock to use, there are already elven articles in the series.

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... p g ...

Sat Aug 29, 2009, 12:38 PM by wroth:iconwroth:
Resurgere Gallery Feature
pursuing excellence in resources

Package - Kitten - 1 by resurgere
Package - Cosmos - 5 by resurgere
painted textures vol. 10 by resurgere

Kitten 1

Cosmos 5

Painted Textures 10

Package - Misc Textures - 2 by resurgere
Package - Blood Soaked - 2 by resurgere

Misc Textures 2

Blood Soaked 2

interested in contributing?

Only vetted producers are able to submit items to Resurgere's gallery, we do not accept submissions to the gallery from the public at large. If you would like us to help distribute your resources, you will need to successfully join us as a contributor. For information on contributor status and how to apply please follow this link...

Index, P.Q.R.S.T.

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2009, 4:33 AM

Collection Index;

Finding a individual item in the Resurgere gallery can be difficult, because the gallery is large and searching by keyword is not always accurate enough. So large that we have had to break the journal into five parts, but the links span these parts. This Collection Index should make finding a specific package easier. The packages are first grouped by series in an alphabetical order, then within each group the packages are listed by number in descending order. A link leads from each package on the list to the deviation.

Upgrade; We have a fancypants new list for the move to package section, hold your mouse over the package name and a thumbnail should show up. This means people that want the thumbnail can see it, and also the people that do not want to wait for a full load can just use the text and skip along. A lot of thanks/props to thespook who gave the instruction needed to build the new list thumb system here.

Only packages are listed, not standalone images. We will make an effort to keep this index up to date but there may very likely be small gaps.

Update Aug 2007: kobrakaan has graciously done the work of calculating the Resurgere gallery has 248 packages containing 2826 images. Every 4.5 days Resurgere uploads a new deviation, usually a package which contain on average 11.3 images; so on an approximate average that means we have contributed 2 images a day to the resource section since July 2003... Who loves you?... Anyone who wants to update these numbers will get a shoutout here and our thanks.

Move to Letter;

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, V, W, X,Z

Broswe Sections;

Move to Series;


















Move to Package;

Painted Textures;

Paper Textures;













Sky Scape;








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