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wanted texture - paper

By resurgere
yep! it's me again! the D-MAN, dholms!
been kinda doing other stuff lately,...don't ask, secret,...
if i told ya i'd have to,...well, nothing i guess. heh.
so anyway, thought i'd pop in to upload a couple of 'singles'
today. give my boardhead broly paraballein a break 'cause he's in
the middle of a duel for the ages over at neo with our third partner in this
unholy trinity here at resurgere, the mondo ultra talented boheme!
you guys should surf on over and check that party out! admission is FREE!
just tell 'em dholms sent ya and,...well,...better not tell 'em dholms sent ya.
on second though, probably not a good idea.

so anyway, per request, this is a texture i know affectionately as
'the wanted texture',...(yeah. i name my textures. it's a strange thing to
do i know. so? anyway, i haven't come up with a system for naming individual
textures yet. i know it's driving S crazy, being the freak for organization
that he is. heh.) it's called that because i created it specifically for a
submission of mine called 'wanted george'.

uhm,'s the important stuff:


If you make use of it consider leaving a link back to Resurgere or the Contributor so other
artists can find the stock you used. Also if you could leave a notice on the Resurgere and or
Contributor's main page linking to the art you created from the stock, it would be deeply
appreciated by both or either.

Commercial usage of Resurgere stock is strictly forbidden without written permission.
Noncommercial use is always permitted. The Contributor of the stock is the only person with
the right to hand out permission. All of your feedback is considered valuable market research,
your commentary helps make future stock submissions more useful to you.


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© 2004 - 2021 resurgere
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iGraphy's avatar
used it here, thanks a lot!
tallouh's avatar
used your stock here ty so much
Miha3lla's avatar
I have used your stock in The Snail Hunter
tallouh's avatar
used your resource in my latest piece, ty so much for your contribution and i hope you like
Katryscha's avatar
Used here, thank ya :) [link]
lilittu's avatar
used here
thanks for sharing it :D
SilentLee's avatar
Thank you!
used here: [link]
Mounray's avatar
Used this in my art project, Vision.

Thanks for the texture!
sotome-dan's avatar
Many Thanks.
used here [link]
tranimation-art's avatar
Used your texture here: [link]
ichimoku-Ren's avatar
nice texture! thk you (:
eakk917's avatar
It's such a pretty texture *^*

Used it here: [link] Thanks c:
Lunioka's avatar
Amazing texture!
Used it here: [link]
BRAVINTO's avatar
i used it here [link]
thank you!
PhotographicDust's avatar
Hey used this texture here :
great!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww[link]
The-Seventh-Gate's avatar
Thanks for making this available to everyone! I used it here [link]
Lady-Nocturnal's avatar
Hello! :wave:
I've used your texture,here Pure Pain

Hope you like it!

Thank you for sharing!

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