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texture - ink acetate

By resurgere
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ok. now for some experimentation.
don't know how i come about this really,...probably
intoxicated or something,...*smirk*...
uhm,...sheesh, i'm gonna get my password taken away again,...
so anyway,...this is ink on acetate scanned as a transparency. it makes for some really cool textures. this is actually a macro view of one. i'll serve up a package of these soon as well. hope you can find something to do with it!

and that's it for today.
gotta get outta here!

oh,...yeah,...the important stuff:


If you make use of it consider leaving a link back to Resurgere or the Contributor so other
artists can find the stock you used. Also if you could leave a notice on the Resurgere and or
Contributor's main page linking to the art you created from the stock, it would be deeply
appreciated by both or either.

Commercial usage of Resurgere stock is strictly forbidden without written permission.
Noncommercial use is always permitted. The Contributor of the stock is the only person with
the right to hand out permission. All of your feedback is considered valuable market research,
your commentary helps make future stock submissions more useful to you.


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thanks for your awesome stock!
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Awesome!  I'm gonna use this in my next space picture I make.  This will make an awesome texture.  I'll let people see it when it's done and uploaded and will be sure to include a link back to this.

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a beautifully thanks
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Thank you for this amazing stock! Used this here [link]
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F***CK... here [link] hahaha
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Thank you very much for the fine stock. I used it here: [link]
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Used Here :thumb199556151:

Thank you very much
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this is just perfect as it is....
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I used your stock here:[link]
Thx for the great stock. :kiss:
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cool. looks like the inside of a cave.
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hey, i used this here: [link]
thanks a lot!
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Very very nice done!
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It reminds me of ink touched with water, when it's far away... cha know?!
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Looks similar to an arial shot a a lava flow to me
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I like it verry nice.
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do you use a microscope for some of your shots? this is really original abstract. I like it a lot. and this is stock stuff? do you have a non-stock account? this is great!
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Excellent Texture.
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