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bavarian marble - stone

By resurgere


i've got this coffee table made out of this HUGE slab of bavarian marble right?
so,...i couldn't resist! it just has such character! i scanned it all!
you just wouldn't believe the endeavor.
i mean, it took around 20 scans! had to put my scanner on the floor, and create all
these little braces to hold it up. the thing ways around 100 pounds! when i started
putting it together piece by piece, the file at one point was over 1 GIG BIG! broke
my old record actually. i could literally hear my G4 groan! of course i was running
a few other apps other than photoshope at the same time,...quark, illustrator, iTunes, firefox, etc, etc,...heh.
i'm serious when i say i have some packages coming. and one will be dedicated to the
best parts of this marble.

anyway,...that's it for now.
one more thing before i go though,...
you guys. yoooooooooooou guys! i mean, we're about to hit a milestone here at resurgere,...20 K views!
and it's happened SO quickly! and it's all because of you guys!
you're beautiful!
and me and my boardhead broly Para, along with the rest of our resurgere brethren
(boheme, insaneone, lethifer, pdtnc, avalokita, tertulia, nemmy and lb1)
appreciate you allowing us to be a part of YOU!
so you guys keep kicking the tires and we'll keep lighting the fires!

i'm out!

pdtnc! do you have enough to share with the rest of the class??? eh. oh. that important stuff:


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