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Photo - Blood Soaked - 6969

By resurgere
This image is based on the song by Prodigy. It is meant to be a play on words of 'Spit-Fire', I felt actual fire wasn't an option, so the bullets would work better. The bullets also give this a more political twist with the blood, depending on how the viewer sees it.
This pic was shot in good light and a white background. It was taken using using a remote control to keep the camera steady and therefore the picture as blur free as posisble.It is also a self potrait.
The bullets are fake bullets you'd find on a keychain. There were cut in half with a hacksaw so they fitted better in my mouth, and also to use in other photoshoots.
The blood is entirely fake and is made using a mix of golden-syrup and red food colourings with small amounts od blue and green to make it slightly darker. This is to give it a viscous flow and sticky. It has no harmful effects when injested.
The image is not just a horror image, but has a concept behind it. The model is not simply meant to be holding bullets in their mouth, as it would imply being shot, but rather than the model is the dispenser of the bullets and therefore the blood of any victims.

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Used here, thanks a lot!  Different by GraniaA
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Used here  Queen the devil by GraniaA Thank!
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Used here, thank you  Vampire Princess by GraniaA
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Hope she don't cough
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Haha! me too!
Great job!
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used here: [link]

thank you very much, great stock!
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Used this stock image here: [link]
Absolutely amazing.
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Hello ! Thanks for wonderful stock.
Used it here : [link] :)
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Used here [link]

Thank you.
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really great!!
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fantastic! but i wish you offered one without the bullets and just the blood.....drippy sticky blood makes great pics!!
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Thank you for sharing : )
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I used your awesome stock here: [link]

Hope you like it! :D

Thanks a lot!
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That looks really cool. At first though I thought some monster was coming out of her mouth.
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Used your stock here. [link]
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i love it ! really nice job !
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Oh my... thats disgusting...

Good job though =/
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