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Package - Stone - 2

By resurgere
First thing I have to say is that everyone should give props to `dholms for spearheading, no, for single handedly pushing the recent restoration of all Resurgere’s classic packages. Putting all that sweet vintage stock back up online where you can use it. And don’t forget about the shinny new sweet stock he has been uploading lately.

Everyone should show him some love, let’s go spam his userpage with a few thousand :heart: icons how about? Or at lest say thanks for all he gives to us all.

-- -- --

This package is the squeal to a very, very, old package. For the most part these images where shot with a specific style of use in mind, but none the less as the cover images indicate you will also find them to be valuable textures for your manipulations and what not. A range of scales from macro to mountain sides, and a range of materials like iron ore, broken shale, and calcium growth, etc.

-- Related stock;
Stone Pkg 0.05

PDTNC Rock’n Pkg 1, PDTNC Rock’n Pkg 0.5

-- Terms of use;
This stock is distributed under the Resurgere Stock License. As such, commercial use of this stock item is strictly forbidden, unless you have prior permission from the Resurgere Producer of the stock item. However, you are allowed to use Resurgere stock in your noncommercial projects.

Before using Resurgere stock you should be sure to read until you fully understand the the Resurgere Stock License, this outlines all the terms of use for this stock. By downloading, storing, or using any stock or resources from Resurgere, you are accepting to be bound by the Resurgere Stock License.

If you have any questions, please look first to the Resurgere F.A.Q.. If you do not find answers there, then post your question in Resurgere's forum, or note this account.

-- Produced by;
© 2007 - 2021 resurgere
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This is Too smooth for words....Epic!{Talefeud} - Frisk (Cute,Smile) 
Shadow-Revival's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing with us :333
Disney-shit23's avatar
thanks this its just what i need :)
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Used the stock here [link]
reverendh's avatar
Used your stock here [link]
thank you
Micheal-C's avatar
The download says that i don't have permission to download.
resurgere's avatar
Apologies for the very delayed reply.

Have you tried this on another browser? Please let us know so that we may assist you in this matter.

Public Relations Officer
Micheal-C's avatar
No I did not I only use FF. I just clicked the download link and it worked. It may have been a connection problem between me and DA.
Thank you for the reply however.
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Glad it worked out in the end :iconsecrethandshakeplz: And thank you for supporting our resources!

Public Relations Officer
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Used in this one; [link]
AbstractEpiphany's avatar
I've used an image from this pack here: [link]

Thank you so much for all of this wonderful stock!
tExTuReMaTtIc's avatar
This deviation has been mentioned in a news item here [link] . Thanks for the magnificent stock you provide!
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I think that is the best thumb feature report I've ever seen in all the years I've been in resources :o Epic

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Hey :) I've used this stock photo for my deviation Unable.
Hope you like it!
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hey ya! I used this stock here --> [link]
thank you very much!
DoUgLaSCaMaRgO's avatar


Tks ;~~
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Thanks for the images I will be posting a link to my work that I have used these with :)
lutrasilvereye's avatar
Thank you. I used it in my bookmark (although it's probably hard to see under the special effects).

Wonderful! ;)
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damn that makes me want to go climbing.
y-ripitup's avatar
that's beautiful!!
thanks a lot for those!
= )
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I was looking for something like this not to long ago for a sig and...thanks a lot. Thanks 4 posting it.
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