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Package - Flood - 4

By resurgere
Flood + Ice , a little fusion package for you. Flood photos shot in an icy environment, producing interesting visuals where the two elements overlap. I think the cover there explains it better then I can.

Fifteen photos, two scraps. I was of course standing in a freezing river while I shot most of these, so there is a 'snap shot' feel to a lot of them on account of the fact that it is not easy to compose fine photos while you fight the current. None the less, I like them, and think you'll find something useful.

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hi okay? I intend to use this pack in future ... thank you very much
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Thanks for a download. :)
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wow. fantastic images. you really go the extra mile for your work. much respect. :worship:
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Thanks so much :D
I used them here. [link]
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just awesome :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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stock used here: [link]
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hi :) I used this one in [link]
go check it out ;) hope you like it!
thanks for sharing... :hug:
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Hi, I've used this here: [link] Thanks! :)
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Along with countless other images from you guys, Sanctuary became a possiblity.

Thank you so much!

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Used over here: [link]
Thanks for providing =)
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Oh lord! Amazing! :faint: Going to use, it is just perfect.. :worship:
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:wave: I've used it here [link] Thank you!
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extremely nice, used it here: [link]
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[link] <--- I used your stock thanks a lot :!:
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I can't help to get this one, and so am I. Thanks for providing. =D
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Kickass images man :)
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