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Package - Fanged - 2

By resurgere
Another great Fanged Kit here for, ah! :w00t: Of course this comes from +fangedfem, so you know it will be great.

This is a metal theme collection, so if you are a fan of our Metal packages you are sure to love this one. Do yourself a favor and download it.

-- Related stock;
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Blacvamp's avatar
These just look so amazing!
Autopsyrotica-Art's avatar
used one piece in a background [link]
thank you :)
Regen's avatar
Hi! I used a texture from here in this: [link]

Cei-Ellem's avatar
Used one of these to texture a character's outfit: [link]
Fem, your work is fantastic! I love every one of your Fang Packs and I plan to download all of them.
rawimage's avatar
Oh my goood, what a pretty pack. I just wanted to say that the quality is amazing and far beyond anything else I used before (which were textures I made myself).
I used images of this pack on TrustInRust and drOWNinG<a/>

Thank you very very much for providing :heart:
vonumbourg's avatar
Yummy yummy yummy! :) thank you! Quality indeed
Kaitrosebd's avatar
Used these a lot..... [link] Thanx :D
Anenome's avatar
YAY! I love metals! :+fav:
wroth's avatar
:upset: A couple hundred downloads and only a few comments? Where is the love, people? Are you all too busy to give these photos the acclaim they deserve?

Anyhow I agree with holms, there is an awesome range of texture in each photo and even grater depth as a collective series. That little spider in photo 0030 from Fanged Kit 1 was so great, it's thoughtful touches like that which which help make these so great and useful :D
fangedfem's avatar
Aww thanks so much sweetie :hug: I am just happy to be working with you guys and the rest of the team on bringing the people such quality stock :clap:

And the luuuurve from you and holms makes it all worthwhile :faint:

dholms's avatar
ok. so i downloaded this last night at home but didn't get a chance to comment on it,...
now i'll comment on it,...
fems. your textures are a definate MUST HAVE!!! i love 'em!!!
fangedfem's avatar
Right back atcha babe :hug:
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