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Package - Fanged - 1

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A treat for all you dark photo-manipulators from `fangedfem, a kit of her textures. A whole range of subjects, cracks and stains and scratches and all other goodies we know you guys love. She says the textures have been useful to her, and if you have seen her art you know that she understands what makes a good texture. Really, what more could you ask for?

And fyi, if your looking for more stock by `fangedfem she has some nice stuff off of D.A. located in her account at Very much worth checking out.

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Used here - [link] thank you :)
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I used one of the textures, these were awesome. :D [link]
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I used one of the textures [link]
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texture from this package used again here :)

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texture used here: [link]

thanks a lot :)
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Used for the Easter Egg Challenge [link]
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This cover texture is playing tricks on my head. Sometimes it looks like puffy rock with sunken cracks, other times it looks like concave indented rock with raised bubbly borders! Help! Which is it?
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Hi i just used one of it [here] thanks :)
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Hi i just used one of it [here]
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fucking awesome, man

youre a superteam. I still havent done anything w/your stocks, but I will, and will Link and credit

Keep up the good work!!!!!

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This has been used here:[link]

There is also a texture from slaughter in it.
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Borrowed your texture! [link]
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You can't dissapoint me, now can you?

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i've cracked this thing open,...and it's one the best texture packages i've ever seen!!!
such diversity!!! (something mine greatly lack!)
excellant work fems bebbeh!!
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